Paddle Boarding in Puigcerda

Paddle Boarding in Puigcerda

Your guide for Stand Up Paddleboarding in Puigcerda, (SUP). Consult prices and obtain the best offers from different centres and stand up paddleboarding schools in Puigcerda. Find Stand Up Paddle Surf lessons in Puigcerda to learn and perfect your technique.
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Company Puigcerda (Girona)

In Cercleaventura Paddle Surf (SUP) you will learn the easiest way to “walk” on the waters. Paddle surfing is easier than traditional surfing, because a larger board is used, making it easier to stand. We get the momentum thanks to a great paddle. Learn SUP with us! Surf lessons. We can teach you individual or small group classes, where you will learn the essential characteristics of the sport, the safety rules, the types of tables that are there, the scenarios in which you can practice ... Then, you will apply what you have learned at sea, in reservoirs or in rivers. The duration of the classes is 3 hours. Crossings. You can make excursions at sea, in the river or navigate a lake to improve your techniques. In the moment in which you are already an expert you will be interested in catching waves, dare to enjoy! Equipment rental. We rent the equipment so you can navigate freely in the environment where you are most comfortable. Many dsurfers use this sport as training when conditions are not suitable for practicing it, so if this is your case, do not hesitate. This is the ideal sport for them to practice from children to adults. It also allows its practice in any weather condition, whether wind or not, waves or not, whether in a river or in the open sea ... Cheer up, paddle surfing is fashionable! (Stand Up Paddle Surfing Puigcerda)

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