Paddle Boarding in Vidreres

Paddle Boarding in Vidreres

Your guide for Stand Up Paddleboarding in Vidreres, (SUP). Consult prices and obtain the best offers from different centres and stand up paddleboarding schools in Vidreres. Find Stand Up Paddle Surf lessons in Vidreres to learn and perfect your technique.

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Company Vidreres (Girona)

In G3 BCN we suggest you introduce paddle surfing among the water sports you already practice. In addition, it is such a simple alternative that it is ideal to start if you have not yet dared with any. Get on the sup table on the Costa Brava and learn how to sail by rowing. The activity can be as easy or complex as we find the sea in the day that you have chosen to leave. If the waves are scarce it will be the perfect time to know how to cope with the equipment from scratch. Thanks to the calm waters the table will remain in place, just without moving, so you can get on and work your stability on it. Keep in mind that the surface of the stand up paddle board exceeds the size used for surfing. For this reason anyone dominates it from the first moment and, if you do not dare to stand up to start, you can always do it on your knees to lower your center of gravity. Even before entering the water we will teach you to put the appropriate measure in the oar that you will carry and we will tell you what are the movements to move forward and turn. You will have to pass the paddle from one side of the board to the other to get it and avoid turning on yourself. (Stand Up Paddle Surf Vidreres)

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