La Palma Explorer Paddle Boarding

Puerto de muelle deportivo, Tazacorte 38779 Tazacorte (La Palma)
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Description of La Palma Explorer Paddle Boarding

Dare with one of the most fashionable surf modes of recent times with La Palma Explorer and Paddle surfing, with which you will have fun like never before. Riding the waves on the back of the biggest boards and oars will be the most exciting!

This sport came to Spain a few years ago, but it is already one of the most practiced on the main beaches, since it is very simple to learn, the most fun and, sometimes, the most relaxing.

There are two ways to practice it, such as paddle surfing, where you mainly get up on the board and with the help of rowing you push yourself, as a way to contemplate a little more what surrounds you. And the other one a little more professional, like the classic surf, with which you take the waves and enjoy the thrill of surfing.

If you have no previous experience in this sport you don't have to worry, since we ourselves will take care of giving you the basic premises so that you are able to get on the board and that you Get going on a paddle surfing trip, enjoying the views that surround you. Although you will also have the opportunity to access classes by our professional monitors.

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