Grupo Fes-Tauro Paintball

C/ Virgen del Socorro, 30 28610 Villamanta (Madrid)
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Description of Grupo Fes-Tauro Paintball

Play paintball without leaving Madrid with Grupo Fes-Tauro paintball. Its paintball fields are completely natural and outdoors. They are located in the Madrid town of Villamanta, where you can reach them in about 35 minutes by car leaving from the city of Madrid.

Fes-Taurus delivers to each player all the necessary material, which mainly includes a protective mask to protect the face from possible impacts, a precise and manageable latest model marker, an initial paintball loader and a full-length military camouflage jumpsuit (which protects clothes from paint stains).

As for the pitch, it consists of three different scenarios:

- The Trenches: 1,680 square meters with 6 trenches and 7 trenches where you can paraperse yourself in addition to several obstacles made with bags of dirt. In this field there are many places to hide to stalk the enemy.

- The firing points: 3,312 square meters with up to 44 places to hide make this field the perfect place for battles full of surprises, where the enemy can leave anywhere.

- Scrapping: 2,600 square meters are the surface of this scenario set like an old scrapping with metal and tire-based hides.

Paintball Villamanta

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