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Description of Extreme Adventure Mojáca r Quad Biking

Do you want to enjoy an excursion in a vehicle with which you experience endless emotions? Extreme Adventure Mojácar invites you to discover the Quads as one of the best transports for guided tours while practicing sports. Cheer up to have a great time overflowing with adrenaline, enjoying the speed and contemplating the best landscapes of Almeria. You can put yourself in the hands of a vehicle specially designed to carry out this type of routes, capable of supporting any terrain and easy to use, which means that you only have to worry about keeping the course and accelerating or braking.

Levante Almeriense has unique characteristics that make it become a real tourist attraction. Inside you can find from the most rugged areas to the Ramblas, a typical desert route that makes the user can transport to another time and another place while enjoying the experience. Do not hesitate to come with your family and friends to live one of the best tourist and exciting experiences of your life.

Within our fleet we have individual and two-seater vehicles so you can be accompanied by whoever you want, driving or as a co-pilot. You do not have to worry about anything, since we provide you with all the necessary material, from the vehicle to the guide car and the protective equipment, made up of a mask and anti-dust goggles. You will also be equipped with an insurance that does not include the possible damages that you suffer due to an imprudence in driving, so we recommend that you abide by the rules and technical instructions that you receive from our monitors.

The guide who will accompany you will watch over both the security and the development of the practice and will take you to the most emblematic places and the most inhospitable corners. It will illustrate you about the landscape so you know in depth the fauna and flora that inhabits our land, as well as the main stories and anecdotes, lived in the same terrain for which you will be driving.

Remember that to be able to drive one of our quads it is essential that you are in possession of the driving license and deliver a card as bail. At the end of the activity, you will be returned. Contact us to check the availability of the route, as well as the itinerary options. The duration of the route ranges from one hour and a quarter, and two hours and a quarter.

If you want to feel endless emotions while practicing sports and sightseeing, with the Quad routes of Extreme Adventure Mojácar you will get it!

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