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Carretera Campillo S./N. 06228 Hornachos (Badajoz)
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Description of Naturex Park Quad Biking

One of the activities that most excites children who are approaching the Naturex adventure park are the mini-quads, we have a circuit dedicated exclusively to these vehicles, a good opportunity for the little ones to have their first motor experience. < br />
And if they are too young to drive alone, they can do it with their parents or with one of our monitors. The mini-quads are designed for children's driving, they have:

- A limited speed: in this way they will be able to step on the accelerator as thoroughly as they can, so that they will not run any danger as they cannot go faster than is suitable for the track they will use.

- They are automatic and very safe: they have no gear to make piloting even simpler for children who only have to hold the handlebar in the direction they want to take.

In addition, throughout the circuit there will be center monitors monitoring and supervising the activity. Apart from the Quads, children and adults can do other activities: kayaks, zip lines, donkey rides,…

Natuex is the largest and funniest adventure park in all of Extremadura, Come and meet us!

Quad Biking Hornachos

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