Paintball Territorio Trenti Quad Biking

DesviaciĆ³n a San Pedro de las Baheras 39569 Unquera (Cantabria)
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Description of Paintball Territorio Trenti Quad Biking

Come and try our quads between the tracks and roads of the Picos de Europa. We have a large number of vehicles that will make your engines roar when you take them at full speed along the most complicated roads.

They will be very fun tours if you come in a group but we need you to bring:
  • Driving license B1: We need it if you are going to be the one with the quad. However, if you want to go as a co-pilot you won't need it.
  • Long pants: You will be in the quad for a long time and you may accidentally hit your leg. That is why we ask you to bring such pants to protect yourself from dust.
  • Comfortable shoes: Ideally, you should bring something like a boot. It is to be able to move well and firmly step on the accelerator.
You will also need a helmet and glasses that we can leave you in Trenti. As the driving license is needed, it is clear that the minimum age to drive the quad is 18 years , but to be a co-driver it will be much lower.

Contact us if you want us to give you more information and we will be happy to give you all the details.

Quad Biking Unquera

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