Segomarcha Quad Biking

Camino Pinar 37187 Aldeatejada (Salamanca)
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Description of Segomarcha Quad Biking

Segomarcha Quads is a company located in Aldeatejada, province of Salamanca, between the cities of Salamanca and Segovia.

They offer different routes in quads , depending on the needs of the customers, their fitness and their experience driving these vehicles:

- Option 1: Route of 7 kilometers with an approximate duration of 2 hours. This option is ideal for people with little experience or who have never ridden quad.

- Option 2: Route of 8 kilometers with a duration of between one and two hours. This route travels more distance in less hours, so the pace is higher. Even so, it is perfectly accessible to everyone.

- Option 3: Route of 30 kilometers with a duration of between 2 and 3 hours. This is the most demanding route, recommended for people who have already ridden a quad bike and have some experience, as well as a minimum physical level.

Segomarcha quads are very easy to drive (they only have two gears: forward or backward) and are one or two seats. To be able to carry out this activity it is necessary to be at least 18 years old and have a B1 driving license , which must be presented at the time of starting the route.

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