Real-life Games in Archidona

Real-life Games in Archidona

Directory of thematic adventures in Archidona and real-life games in Archidona. Check prices and get the best offers of themed experiences in Archidona with actors in rural houses and hotels of horror, mystery, live cluedo and animation. The themed adventures in Archidona are perfect activities to perform on birthdays, corporate events and incentives, teambuilding, original gifts and stag and hen parties.

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Molino de Madaura
Company Archidona (Málaga)

In Molino de Madaura Thematic Adventures we give you the opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable day or weekend with our themed adventures, assembled on request, or take advantage of any we take out, and enjoy isolated in full nature, with a lot of games and activities, surrounded by a unique atmosphere. Solve the mystery of the Templars !: If you are able to decipher the letter that we will send to your mail, you will have an opportunity to unveil the mystery of the Templars as they pass through Molino de Madaura. Take on the other teams and become the winner of this unique adventure. Come as a guest to the charity meal organized every year by the Grand Marquis and witness a murder that you must solve. Find the stolen papers of Capo Don Vitto Olivetti, or rescue Princess Mariquilla from the hand of black walkers. Live with your group of friends the experience of being the last inhabitants of the earth in a zombie apocalypse ... who will be the last to survive all the challenges? The King will appoint a successor to ... enjoy this great game set in which you must win allies for your cause, and be the next monarch of the kingdom. Board games championship set: Magic cards, Hero Quest, Colonists of Catán, Game of Thrones, ... (City game in Malaga): Help Merchant Ali Dordoux to surrender the city to the Catholic Monarchs. And many more! (Thematic Adventures Archidona)

95€ per person
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