Rooms Escape in Sant Just Desvern

Rooms Escape in Sant Just Desvern

Room Escape Games in Sant Just Desvern. Look up for prices, request your estimate and find the best offers in rooms escape in Sant Just Desvern. Escaping games in Sant Just Desvern are the perfect activity for birthday's parties, corporate entertainment, team building, social events, and original gifts.
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SKP Game
Company Sant Just Desvern (Barcelona)

SKP Game is a escape game where you will have to gather information through the tracks, to get out of the room where you are. It is necessary that you work as a team, refine your five senses and be willing to develop your skills. Will you get out of the room in the shortest possible time? To adapt as much as possible to the tastes of our users, we have prepared three missions of different themes, in which you will find varied levels of difficulty, as well as fun, dynamic tests, puzzles and mysteries, which will make Boredom has no place between these four walls. It is not necessary that you have previous experience in these games or that you use physical force. In the Mission Library you will be special agents of SKP and you are locked in a library after the attack of an enemy agency. This agency threatens to destroy the room and headquarters if they do not receive the documents that keep the names of all SKP agents. Your job is to find the list and save yourself. With the Atahualpa Mission you will be adventurers who are looking for a relief found in the Temple of Machu Picchu, which belongs to the Atahualpa lineage. Having been found in the tomb of the last Inca emperor, you will have to face the curse that will haunt you throughout the journey. After some terrorists have stolen the takeoff codes from the Lancelot ship. With this mission, you will wear the special agent suit to recover them. The Space Control Center is a real chaos, since not doing so in 60 minutes, it will fly through the air. The teams will have to be formed by groups from 2 to 6 people . You will have 60 minutes to properly use each and every one of the tests and get out before time runs out. Within our facilities you will find two equal rooms, where you can perform the same mission against a rival team, competing to know which is the fastest. Anyone can have fun in our facilities since there is no age limit. The only requirements are to be over 14 years old and that those under 18 are accompanied by an adult. If you are thinking of celebrating any family or business event , don't doubt that an escape game is the best option. We have 4 game rooms in total and an exclusive rest room, where you can develop the team strategy or rest while you drink and comment on the adventure. You can rent our facilities for two or three hours with a maximum capacity of 50 people, to use and enjoy exclusivelyThe 300 square meters we have. Will you be able to run away before time runs out? Escape on SKPGame ! (Escaping Games Sant Just Desvern)

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