Eureka Escape Room

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Description of Eureka Escape Room

In Eureka you star in a story that must be solved in just 60 minutes. The tension will fill a closed room that awaits you with riddles, riddles and keys of which you still do not know the meaning. The output depends on your finding the connection between these elements.

The mystery that concerns us is contained under the details hidden by The Secret Order of Wine . You will be ready to meet them if you are a couple or a group up to 5 people. Here cooperation is not only interesting but it is essential to interpret the information that will come to you.
You can face this adventure any day of the week since we only close on Monday mornings staying at your disposal between 10 am and 1 pm and 4 pm and 8 pm in the afternoon.

There are 3 sessions available before lunch and 4 more in the afternoon . The reservation is open for adults and, always as companions, children may come from 7 years to 16. From this age it is no longer necessary that there is a person over 18 in the group.

The activities that arise in the room are suitable for everyone. In addition, if any of you were overcome by the situation, you can indicate it and you will be allowed to leave the room.

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