Fuga Exprés

Calle Siete Infantes de Lara 16, Bajo 26007 Logroño (La Rioja)
 With police caps Armed girls  With batons and plastic caps  Team with orange shirt  Boys team with white shirt  Players with guns

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Description of Fuga Exprés

Escape Escape locks you in Logroño in an escape room where you will live a real gaming experience. Come with someone else, up to 5 participants to start an adventure that you can only overcome through your ingenuity.

We have created two dynamics with completely different environments so you can decide which one you want more research:

- The art collector : the typical robbery in the museum is no longer a traditional case to face an original challenge that you will only solve by adopting the role of a policeman capable of analyzing any clue.

- Warehouse 47 : which will be the most recent addition to our catalog of experiences. A serial killer has led you to a warehouse and you will have to dare to enter even at the risk of it still remaining there.

To complete the game you will have up to 60 minutes , you do not have to exhaust them all if you are so skilled as to get out before the time is finished. The main thing is that you organize and do not lose agility but do not go ahead so as not to overlook the most important information.

Take a deep breath and think that all the elements found in the room are used once, after this you have to go to the next track. The solution is very close.

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