The Cathedral Quest

Calle Portales, 3, 6 - Izquierda 26001 Logroño (La Rioja)
 Door to another reality Strange characters  Find the exit  Locks preventing the passage  Lock for not being able to escape  Enigmas and mysteries  Game of clues

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Description of The Cathedral Quest

The Cathedral Quest is an escapism game located in Logroño , in which, with the help of your best friends, you will have to complete a mission to get out of the room where you We have locked up. Yes, yes, as you hear it. It is an authentic experience in which we will test your ingenuity and resolving ability. Are you ready?

Anyone can enter but only the best will get out on time. You only have 60 minutes to decipher all the puzzles, solve the mysteries and find the keys that open the appropriate locks. It will be an hour of adrenaline in which you will not stop for a single minute.

The setting is taken care of in detail and the argument, that until you visit us we will keep it secret, play with real and fantastic data. So, in addition to having fun, you will discover part of the history of Logroño.

You just have to gather a group of 2 to 5 players to participate. Try to choose the best because you will have to work as a team to achieve the goal.

The game is aimed at adults since the difficulty of the tests requires it. Children between 12 and 17 can play but only if they are accompanied by an adult.

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