The X-Door Lleida

Rambla de Ferran, 53 25007 Lleida (Ciudad) (Lleida)
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Description of The X-Door Lleida

The best escape game that everyone talks about is already in Lleida. An innovative experience and a parallel world of which you will be part and in which you will have to fulfill an objective . Ideal for groups of friends, families or business associates; We will start the game from two people with a maximum of five.

In The X-Room Lleida, our raison d'ĂȘtre is based on a room and different objects with which to interact, along with clues that help us solve the puzzle in a race against the clock to escape before time expires , 60 minutes. The essence is teamwork and not underestimate any clue or detail as insignificant as it may seem. A challenge for ingenuity, prudence and intuition . You can enjoy two scenarios according to your experience:

  • White & Black : With an advanced difficulty, this game makes you professional chess players. You have been invited by one of the former world chess champions to a game at his home. What you do not know, is that his career was truncated by his vision problems, falling into the most complete madness. When you realize you have already fallen into the trap, being locked until you find a way out if you do not want to end up like him.
  • The Haunted Prison : With a higher difficulty for players with experience in escape rooms, you have been unjustly convicted of murder to serve time in prison. But you are not alone, something like that happened to Jack Smith for a long time and he served a sentence ... in your cell. Inmates count that he fled but nobody knows where he is, only his voice is heard between the walls and he may have something to say so you can leave on time.

They are games suitable for all audiences , without physical requirements or specific skills, but aimed at adults. The little ones of the house can come, enjoying a part of the game. As a game philosophy, we move away from scenarios based on complex calculations or long reflections or mental labyrinths, giving a fundamental role to teamwork, collaboration and intuition.

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