Raos 35 Sailing

Calle Manuel Cacicedo 39012 Santander (Cantabria)
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Descripción de Raos 35 Sailing

Come and enjoy one of the most beautiful bays in Spain, that of Santander. You can navigate in a beautiful 34-foot sailboat , and if you see yourself trained, you can even perform the maneuvers yourself at the helm.

The prices are the most competitive in the market and you will feel like sailing in your own boat. The sailboat is perfectly equipped and in the navigations you will go accompanied by a Graduate in Physical Education who He will explain pedagogically the technique of trimming the candles and to which you can ask all your questions about the basic terminology.

In the navigation you can participate in the maneuvers, take the helm and explain the best directions to do, the trimming of the sails, procedure for anchoring and choosing the right place ...

We will sail through the beautiful bay of Santander, Astillero estuary, Pedreña estuary, Mouro island, Santa Marina island, Sardinero beaches, Bikinis beach, La Horadada, La Concha, Somo beach , etc. We can also anchor to have a snack and bathe.

Do not hesitate to contact us to clarify the possible issues you have.

Sailing Santander

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