Green Motor Málaga Segway

c/ Suiza, 4 28004 Málaga (Ciudad) (Málaga)
 solowheel in pairs  circulating around the city  demonstration of use  segway groups  minimum space and very comfortable  single wheel vehicle  traveling in solowheel

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Descripción de Green Motor Málaga Segway

Green Motor Málaga offers you a fun route of segway or solowheel through the city of Malaga. These new vehicles allow you an agile and versatile transport on the streets, there is no more comfortable form of tourism!

The solowheel is a electric unicycle that has a gyroscope system that allows you to keep your balance and make its operation very simple. Don't wait to be told, you have to try it!

With the single help of body tilt you can move comfortably and without contaminating, they are electric vehicles that do not need any type of fuel.

If you want to experience new ecological forms of mobility, check with Green Motor Málaga.

Segway Málaga (Ciudad)

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