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Carretera de Sant Josep Morer, 28 17867 Camprodon (Girona)
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Description of Guies Nordsud Skiing

Guies Nordsud Ski is a ski school that offers classes and courses of different modalities:

- Alpine skiing: This is the type of skiing that everyone knows about climbing at the beginning of the ski lift and then skiing. Nordsud offers different courses for you to choose the one that best suits your needs: 4-weekend course between January and March for groups of 4 to 8 people, one-hour private lessons to start or perfect, 10-hour packs divided into blocks of three hours a day or packs for families with 4 hours of class for groups of 4 people.

- Mountain skiing: This ski is also known as cross-country skiing or cross-country skiing, and it is a less known modality that is alpine skiing but for those who have tried it just as exciting. and we propose the following ski modalities. It requires technical material that will be provided by Nordsud such as canes, seal skins, etc. There are different course options, from the introduction to more advanced courses. You can also make outings tailored to customers.

- Off-piste skiing: Technical courses for off-piste and cross-country skiing are offered. The groups are very small so that students can take better advantage of the classes (4-6 people). You can take courses for a single day or a whole weekend.

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