Skydiving in Castellón

Skydiving in Castellón

Skydiving in Castellón: Look up for prices, request your estimate and find the best offers in skydiving centres in Castellón. Sky diving in Castellón and parachuting in Castellón are a perfect activity for birthday’s parties, corporate entertainment, team building, social events, weddings and original gifts.
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Company Castelló/castellón De La Plana (Castellón)
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Tips if you are going to do Skydiving in Castellón

If you are looking for skydiving in Castellón we will help you find the best option, the skydiving schools that are in the area, the types of skydiving and we will try to explain what the activity is about, although there are no words to express it, you have to live it..

Although, how can we explain what it feels like to jump into the void from 4000 meters at 200 km/h? As it is somewhat complicated, we will focus on telling you everything you need to know before doing the activity and we will help you with this short video so you can see for yourself what it is like to jump in a parachute in Castellón:

For people who have not jumped before and therefore do not have any parachutist title they will have to perform a tandem jump, that is, jump on the instructor. As soon as you arrive at the aerodrome, you will have to equip and weigh yourself, the maximum weight including clothes, jumpsuit and harness must be 100 kg, people who exceed this figure will not be able to jump. People who measure more than 2 meters, can not do the activity either. This is due to the fact that being a jump directed by the monitor that goes from the packet, it must have enough mobility to be able to perform the maneuvers both during the flight and during the landing.

Then, there will be an explanatory briefing where they will give you the basic instructions that you should know about skydiving and how you should act at all times. And now, yes, the good starts.

You will climb the plane, and during a flight of approximately 13 minutes you will reach 4,000 meters high, the door will open and you and the paratrooper will jump together. You will enjoy approximately 1 minute of free fall and then the parachute will be deployed to descend to about 20 km/h for about 7 minutes.

And you know the best of everything? That this you will do just 50 meters from the beach, you will live a brutal adrenaline rush with the sea of ​​Castellón in the background. When you land you still will not believe that you have been able to jump…

Castellón is currently the area of ​​influence of the Valencian Community for skydiving, so moving from Valencia or Alicante is well worth it. The Pinar aerodrome is located in Castellón de la Plana and is the closest parachute center to the beach in Europe. You will jump over the Gurugú beach getting the best views of the Costa de Azahar.

The activity can be performed by anyone who is of legal age, who does not have any disease that prevents the jump (cardiovascular, respiratory, bone) And that complies with the height and weight restrictions discussed above. Minors must be accompanied by an adult and attach an authorization signed by their parents or guardians. You have to take into account also that if 24 hours before the jump you have practiced diving you will not be able to jump.

To complete the experience and take a memory for life, you can include a photo and video report both internal (recorded by the instructor with which you jump) and external (an expert photographer jumps to record the whole experience from outside). Here you can see all the offers from Castellón.

Also at the Pinar aerodrome, skydiving courses and coaching are also taught:

- PAC (Basic Free Fall Course): Is the first parachute course that consists of two parts: theory and 7 jumps from 4000 meters in height. In the first 3 jumps, two instructors will accompany you and the rest 4, just one. Every jump will be recorded so that the student can improve.

- Parachuting degree: This is the next step after the consolidation jumps are completed. This course allows you to jump with other parachuters in free fall mode, and it consists of 2 theory classes, 3 jumps, and a folding course.

- Wingsuit: You can try to fly like a bird, and for it, is necessary to be a skydiver and have done more than 200 free-fall jumps. An activity only suitable for experts.

- Coaching: Here, you can try the formation flights with the VF-4 modality, free fly or canopy flight.

Come to Castellón to enjoy your tandem jump or to start practicing in the world of skydiving!

Opinions of our adventurers who have done this activity

Adrián Férriz Fluxá
5 Very good
"An incredible experience"
An amazing and unique experience in life !!! The monitors very nice, explained everything to us wonderfully and made us enjoy ourselves as dwarfs! That's right, the price for the videos and the photos is a bit high, but hey, it's worth it... View more :) Thank you so much for everything!
Feedback useful for 15 people Did you find this helpful? Yes
Carmen López Hernández
5 Very good
"It has been incredible"
It has been incredible. At all times the instructors explained everything perfectly perfectly and we felt very safe as they were with us all the time. The atmosphere is very friendly, they are extremely nice and great professionals. They have it... View more all very well organized. We went to celebrate my 50th birthday and will be back. It is a great experience that I highly recommend. Thank you very much for everything guys !!!! You are incredible.
Feedback useful for 11 people Did you find this helpful? Yes
Silvia Suso Muela
5 Very good
"Professional and family"
Professional and family staff When they got there they all went nervous seeing how they live it. The experience was very good and also the staff joked to break the ice and help you get those last nerves. I may repeat and if I do it will be... View more with them. My boyfriend repeated for sure and will undoubtedly be at the Aerodrome del Pinar. Wonderful views and the hand of experts.
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5 Very good
"They made it amazing!"
We went in September with a group of friends, for some it was our third tandem and they did amazing !!!!! An exquisite treatment and a spectacular good vibe, without the rush we have in the big cities and enjoying to butt. The views are spectacular... View more and, buaaaaaa, we have to repeat it but yaaaaaaaaaaa. Thanks for the Fun Jumper Tandem
Feedback useful for 14 people Did you find this helpful? Yes

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Oleg · Hello i would like to know availability and prices for this day
Company in Castelló/castellón De La Plana
David · Hi, Im coming to Alicante for a stag do on the 6th of July and return on the 9th. Im looking at getting the Stag a tandem jump recorded on the 8th ideally. any info on prices and availability would View more help a lot. Thanks.
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neil · how much is solo skydiving course as did tandem when is possible to come there and do