Rayma Agencia de Ocio Skydiving

Avenida de Alcoy, 55 3009 Alacant/alicante (Alicante)

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Description of Rayma Agencia de Ocio Skydiving

Do you want to feel like a superhero and experience the feeling of making a flight without a motor? In Rayma we give you the opportunity to plan for the area of ​​Alicante with one of our parachutes.

We will do the jumps at 4000 meters high, so we do not recommend this activity for those with vertigo or who are afraid of heights. For 50 seconds you will fall from the highest point until the parachute opens when you reach the 1500 meters. It will be almost a minute of freefall in which you will experience incredible sensations and an adrenaline rush that will surprise you.

Do not be afraid of not knowing when to open the parachute since our jumps are always two-seater, our monitors will be waiting for you and will ensure that it opens at the right time.

So you do not forget this experience and just worry about enjoying the flight, we give you the option to record your entire jump so you can show it to everyone you know and show your courage.

No experience is necessary since it is an occasional flight and you will not go autonomously at any time. Get in touch with us if you want to know all the details of our skydiving activity and we will solve all your doubts.

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