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Travesía Concejo, 5 10880 Zarza La Mayor (Cáceres)
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Description of Sky Fun Center

Sky Fun Center is located in the Portuguese town of Proença-a-Nova, near the province of Cáceres. Here you find our aerodrome, authorized for skydiving activities. Keep in mind that this is one of the exclusive places in the peninsula where skydiving is allowed, as it is restricted to very specific geographical areas.

How are we going to do it?

- When you have arrived at the facilities we will have a 15-minute meeting to get to know each other and to check your characteristics. In this time, we will explain the whole process and we will provide you with the safety equipment with which you will be tied to the instructor.

- When the time comes to take our place on the plane, we will fly about 20 minutes to get up to an altitude of 13.000 feet, adequate for a jump with a 50-second free fall.

- The jump is executed with the instructor. You will be falling at a speed that can reach 135 mph, that is truly impressive.

- At an altitude of 5.000 feet, we will open the parachute and continue gliding for about 5 minutes during which you will collaborate in maneuvering the canopy.

- You can save the experience in the form of a video or photos if you have asked for it in advance.

You will see that a tandem jump is simple because it is the instructor who takes care of everything, however as a passenger:

- You shouldn't suffer from any heart disease.
- You should weigh minimum 66 lbs and maximum 198 lbs.
- You cannot be taller than 6 ft 6 in.
- If you have any special physical condition you have to communicate it to our team to keep it in mind when it comes to your safety.
- If you are a minor, written parental authorization is a must to have.

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