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Description of Skydiving Levante

With Paracaidismo Levante you can have one of the best skydive experiences, as we have a team of professionals who will take care of providing all the safety you need when you participate in one of the greatest activities.

Come skydiving and make the dream that you have always had become true. We know that this is one of the most popular sports among Spaniards, which is not surprising, as it results in an adrenaline rush and you can experience sensations that otherwise would be difficult to experiment.

A tandem jump is the perfect choice to say goodbye to stress and it will mark a before and after in your way of understanding life. You will jump with the help of our professional instructor, joined to each other by a harness. You will jump together into the void at an altitude of 11.500 feet and free fall with a speed of 125 mph.

Our skydive courses are the perfect choice for those who would like to become professional skydivers. They consist of performing a series of jumps with the instructors, who will accompany you on the first jumps in order to explain to you what position you should take when. In addition, you will learn to perform maneuvers like turns or somersaults.

Contact us and we can provide you with more information. In addition, we will record on video, if you wish, your moment so you can never forget it.

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