Snowshoeing in Madrid

Snowshoeing in Madrid

Directory of Snowshoeing companies in Madrid. Check prices and get the best offers of snow shoe rental in Madrid. Snowshoeing in Madrid is a perfect activity to practice on birthdays, corporate events and incentives, teambuilding, original gifts and stag and hen parties.
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Snowshoeing experiences in Madrid

All the Snowshoeing companies in Madrid

Company Madrid (City) (Madrid)
Multiaventura Buendía Madrid Snowshoeing
15€ per person
7 Prices
33 reviews
Company Madrid (City) (Madrid)
Isadia Aventura
15€ per person
5 Prices
9 reviews
Company Aranjuez (Madrid)
Club Sendas Aventura
31€ per person
1 Prices
Company Cercedilla (Madrid)
Navalmedio Actividades en Naturaleza
25€ per person
2 Prices
7 reviews
Company Guadarrama (Madrid)
Ussuri Trek
20€ per person
2 Prices
1 Feedback
Company Miraflores De La Sierra (Madrid)
El Colladito
16€ per person
2 Prices
2 reviews
Company Madrid (City) (Madrid)
25€ per person
1 Prices
5 reviews
Company Talamanca Del Jarama (Madrid)
15€ per person
8 Prices
1 Feedback
Company Galapagar (Madrid)
19€ per person
2 Prices
2 reviews
Company Lozoya Del Valle (Madrid)
Meridiano Raid
18€ per person
4 Prices
22 reviews
Company Madrid (City) (Madrid)
25€ per person
1 Prices
Company Becerril De La Sierra (Madrid)
22€ per person
1 Prices

Tips if you are going to do Snowshoeing in Madrid

The capital is one of the regions with more options to carry out snow rackets tours. We are lucky of having the Sierra of Guadarrama next to Madrid and this makes accessible this great activity.

These trips consist of doing a guided trekking route with rackets under our feet that will help to not sink in the snow and of two ski poles to maintain the balance and help us to continue.

There exist a different type of trips with snow rackets:
- Initiatory snow rackets route: A perfect activity if you have never have had the previous contact with this experience. Is also the perfect one for kids or people who don’t practice it at all.
- Advanced trips: If you have already done one of our routes in Madrid or see yourself with a good physique, we have longer and more difficult routes.
- Family-friendly snow rackets: We also do specific routes for activities with kids. Are initiatory and we also try to adapt the sessions to little ones on the briefings, pace, trail, etc.
- Snow rackets rental: If only want to only rent the equipment and go on your own, you also can do that. Here, you can find further info.

You can watch this video so you can have an idea of what is snow rackets trekking through Madrid:

There exist different zones in Madrid where your snow racket tours can take place. All the snow rackets journey take place through the Sierra of Guadarrama from Navacerrada. This city of the Sierra of Madrid is one of the the starting points of several of our routes. From here, we can take various trails with our rackets; Siete Picos and the Sendero Schmidt or Bola del Mundo, Maliciosa and Cotos Port. Any of them have certain difficulty due to the slopes but in exchange, some impressive views between the Sierras of Madrid and Segovia are offered. You can see here all the offers and check the following most common routes that we go through the Sierra:

- The route from the Navacerrada port passing through Siete Picos. This route starts by ascending the Telégrafo or its hill, near Bola del Mundo. By crossing the pine woods we will pass the port up to reaching Siete Picos. Then, we will start our descent up to the Schmidt taking the direction up to the known Pradera de Navalusilla and Pradera del Ventoso through the Herreros path. Finally, we will arrive at the Escaparate ski lift and from there, descend to the peak of the Telégrafo to go down and return to the starting point.
- Trip through the Navacerrada Port, touring through Cercedilla. This route looks like the last one, only that from Camino Schmidt, we will go to the Fuenfría POrt and like that, finish in Cercedilla’s Roman road. The only inconvenient is that normally through this journey there will be areas that will not have sufficient snow and will need to do one part of the route without snow rackets and is also longer than the last one.
- Depart from the Morcuera Port passing through the Canencia Port. This an easier port since from the start this will be a route 100% through a track. During the no-winter months this a cycling-tourism circuit in winter, a stupendous trip with rackets, ascending up to the La Najarra peak. Ideal for uninitiated mountaineers.
- Rackets route to reach the Peñalara Peak: The most demanded route. A lot of these trips make a stop in the Laguna, passing through the Cotos Port.
- La Pinilla through Riaza: We can observe the spectacular beauty of the Sierras of Ayllón and the Sierra del Rincón. We can also observe, during the route of Pico del Lobo and Tres Provincias Peak. One of the richest trips when talking about landscapes.
- The route through Navafría Port: We will arrive at Nevero Peak whilst watching the Lozoya valley and taking a different path up to the Peñalara summit.

Some of the recommendations if you don’t want to try just the typical route:
- Try our rackets night routes, imagine yourself walking through the mountain with the light of a full moon! If the contrary you prefer something more intimate, we leave you a Private VIP Trip for Couples.

- If you are one those who fall in love with food, here we leave you a route with breakfast, other with lunch and lastly, one with a romantic dinner.

- Lastly, if you want to pass a complete winter experience, we recommend you this package with rackets and igloo construction. You will pass a complete day on snow.

Some advise if you are thinking of enjoying this activity with us:
- Don’t forget about bringing winter shoes. This is the important part, is really uncomfortable with this sport with wet feet.
- We recommend you to bring also warm clothes: winter pants and a great jacket and windbreaker, like also a hoodie and gloves.
- Bring suncream and lip balm.
- To find a space in the Sierra parking, we recommend to wake up really early. If you arrive after 8 AM, it will be very difficult to find a parking. Although, we guarantee that wake up at dawn is worth it!
- Eagerness to have fun. Everyone is welcome, even your dog. Let us know this detail in advance, but is an activity that is enjoyed by everyone.

So what are you waiting for! Come this winter and enjoy a snow racket route through the Sierra of Madrid.

Opinions of our adventurers who have done this activity

5 Very good
"The route got a bit short"
Due to the storm of these last weeks we had to delay the activity twice and there was no problem on the part of the company, on the contrary, they always shuffled possibilities and gave us alternatives. The route made us a little short as the day... View more of the activity arose. A lot of air and it was recommendable to turn around but, in general, Much. It is not as light as it looks although the monitors are very nice and they make everything very easy.
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Paz Rivera Valverde
5 Very good
The truth is that we were very lucky because it was a perfect day of snow and sun. The experience of the rackets great, you go to places where there is nobody and the landscape is fantastic. As for the company I have already done more... View more activities with them and do not disappoint.
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5 Very good
Very good, the excursion was very good. A walk not very severe and we were lucky to take a spectacular day in which we could enjoy incredible views and enjoy the ride. Highly recommended for all the public.
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Carolina Rodriguez
4 Good
"A new experience"
Saturday 30 participated. On the snowshoe route to see the full moon. It was great, in the end there were more people than I expected, but when going with 3 guilds groups were made according to levels. Being the first time I used snowshoeing I put... View more myself on a low level, There was a hard time, especially when my hands froze and I thought, That if they have to cut them to me? The majestic monitors, very good roll, we played with Tino that was pending at all times. In the end, when we did summit we all met, along with two other monitors Iv and David, very sympathetic. We reached the 7th peak of Seven Peaks. The initial departure was from Cotos but because of the meteorology, we returned to Navacerrada to leave from there? And make the Smith Road. The only bad thing, that we could not see the full moon, it was very foggy, On returning home. The group through a friend who lives in Tres Cantos.
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