Soccer Camps in León

Soccer Camps in León

Guide of soccer campus in León . Find prices for football camps in León and soccer schools where to learn the technique and secrets of this sport. All companies that organize in León football campuses with courses and activities for children and young people.

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Company León (City) (León)

The Soccer Campus of Diego Calzado is of an external nature and is going to take place in León since the player is from there. Everything that the campus is going to provide has to do with football, it is already the third campus we do and we want to continue growing. The campus will last 7... (Soccer Camps León)

Aventura León Sportlider
Company Cistierna (León)

The Royal Spanish Football Federation together with Sportlider (official agent) have organized a series of camps so that this summer your children can live the sport in the most fun and professional way. There are three camps among which you can choose: one of football, another multi-adventure... (Soccer Camps León)

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