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Description of Calpe Kayak Team Building

Calpe Kayak offers Team Building activities for companies, schools or groups of friends who wish to strengthen their ties.

The Team Building is a very beneficial activity that will help foster cooperation, coordination and trust among participants. The different games and tests are designed to force participants to listen to each other, have to make common decisions and have to trust each other to correctly solve activities.

We can gather the activity workshops in a single place or distribute them along a route marked on a map in the style of "PEKÍN EXPRESS"

After a briefing where we explain the game we form groups of 4 people that must compete with the other groups of 4. In the case of a timed topographic rally with activities along the way the groups leave one in One in search of the workshops. Along the way they will have options to go looking for " treasures " that will give them points or time discounts in general. Finally, after the recount, a test winner will be appointed. We adapt the route and the orientation to the client's wishes.


SKI 4 : climbed on a ski for 4 people the group moves along the route that we will propose.
TOXIC !: In a beaker tied to 4 ropes that must be tightened there is a toxic product that must be poured into a container.
MULTIPLE ROPE SHOT : 4 groups 4 ropes and a central elimination zone, only one will remain!
CONSTRUCTION OF BAG : each group is given a package with objects to make a raft and navigate with it.
BLIND RACE : each group forms 2 couples with a blind runner who helped by the other run to deliver the relay to the other couple.
MINING FIELD : A version of the blind career but listening to his partner to blindly cross a minefield. 4 groups at once shouting to guide theirs.
GYMCANA BTT : passing the bike, a relay race takes place on a circuit.
DOUBLE KAYAK RELAYS : Groups form 2 pairs for a relay race uploaded in a double kayak.

In the case of the orientation rally we can add evidence of the type: transport an injured person, petanque, mini-golf ...

These and many other activities are waiting to strengthen the ties of workers, students, friends and even companies. Check all the possibilities and get ready to make new and better friendships.

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