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Description of Territorio Dakota

Once you enter with your little ones in Dakota Territory neither you, much less they, will want to get out of there. Our playground is the best alternative for a day when children release their imagination and energy as true Indians.

Our extensive facilities are fully equipped for all ages, so that children have fun in separate sections and adapted to their abilities.

Easy access, because you can come in your own vehicle and leave it comfortably parked in our free parking, or come by public transport because we are a few steps from the Astrabadua metro.

They can enjoy an hour of play or an entire afternoon, whatever you want. They can also celebrate their birthday there, surrounded by their friends and with endless activities with which they will have a great time.

In this case you will have all the comforts, from special menus for intolerances, to have the enclosure privately and until the parents can also snack.

For the school holidays, our urban camps arrive where the kids from 3 years old will be in the mornings entertained and cared for by our qualified monitors. An excellent way to not worry about what your children are going to do when they finish school.

We have special offers for siblings and exclusive schedules for school groups, because it is also very fun to come to our world of games with friends from school.

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Reviews of Territorio Dakota

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Reviewed the 06/09/10

Review translated from Spanish

Hello pili, I do agree with you. I also celebrate my daughter's birthday and I certainly do not celebrate it again there. They do not know how to treat children, they lacked education when it comes to treating parents and they have no coordination at all. The day that I celebrate the birthday there were more than 100 children, but the parents of these. It was after 7 in the afternoon when my daughter and her friends got to snack, and of course the quality, price has much to be desired .....

Company's response:
First of all make it clear that there have been no 100 children in the park. Although by forum one could, since in TERRITORY DAKOTA there is a capacity in the play area for 120 children. In fact there have been no more than 80 children no birthday day and we do this for the children and for the people who work there. And this you know, it's true Nagore (Pili or Maria). All the personnel that works are perfectly qualified to carry out the tasks that it performs. If you have any specific complaint it would be nice to manifest it at the moment in the premises and in this way to see how it can be solved. We are committed to continuous improvement. Our main objective is that the children have fun and of course the parents as well.

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Amaia Salcedo Gonzalez
4 Medium
Reviewed the 23/11/15
about the activity of: Birthday Party for Kids + Affordable Menu, Erandio

Review translated from Spanish

The kids had a great time, but the staff that takes care of the place is totally insufficient.

There are three monitors who have to take care of serving the tables to three different birthdays, besides serving in the bar, preparing things in the kitchen and attending to the children that enter and / or leave the area. Games.

Total that do not reach everything and are stressed and overwhelmed.

I want to clarify that the fault is not in any way of the monitors, but of those in charge of the company who want to make a greater economic profit, allow the service to be deficient and keep their personnel in unacceptable working conditions. />
Come on, I will not say it again.

Company's response:
Good morning Amaia,

First of all thank your opinion because with all the opinions one learns.
From TERRITORY DAKOTA we are always trying to improve and all your criticisms and opinions serve us.

Checking out the birthdays that happened that day, the truth is, you're right and just as sure as there was to be another monitora. We will keep it in mind for next time and we are very sorry that you had a bad taste in your mouth and do not repeat.

If we can do something to change that decision we will be delighted to hear it.

We reiterate in thanking you for your opinion.

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0 Very poor
Reviewed the 03/08/10

Review translated from Spanish

A couple of weeks ago I went with my son to celebrate his birthday, and the truth is that I was very surprised to discover the amount of incompetents who worked there, I was quite surprised the treatment that the monitors had to the small and disgusting They seemed The amount of children that were piled up in such a small space, of course I will not celebrate any birthday there, I think the children deserve a better treatment, because above all and above all they are children, I just want to ask people to Bother to read this so be careful where they get their children, of course this is not the site
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Monika Sánchez
10 Very good
Reviewed the 21/01/14
about the activity of: 1 hour at a kids' play centre in Erandio

Review translated from Spanish

The truth is that the girls had a great time, we were delighted and the staff was very attentive and kind to us.

The it is a pleasure. We will repeat for sure.
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