Extremetour Ultralight Flights

Calle Real nº 26 40191 Segovia (Ciudad) (Segovia)
Corvus Aircrafts for the flight activities Waiting for the pilot Ultralight parked on the take-off area Acrobatic flight Surrounding area of Extremetour facilities

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Description of Extremetour Ultralight Flights

Extreme Tour is an enterprise leading you to enjoy different flight activities on leading-edge fully-equipped aircrafts. We will organize a huge variety of routes to admire the impressive landscapes hidden in Madrid mountains, apart from different parts in the provinces of Segovia and Ávila. During these flights, you will have the opportunity to admire emblematic places, such as El Escorial and Valle de los Caídos from up high (more than 2000 meters).

This is an ideal experience available for people over 18. If you are over 10 years old and you count on your parents or mentor's authorization, you can also participate in these activities. You will enjoy the following experiences during the flight:
  • You will have the opportunity to go on FK9 ultralights, directed by a well-experienced pilot
  • The participants will be allowed to take the control of the aircraft when it's totally established under the vigilance of the instructor
  • You will be able to choose the total length of the flight with a minimum of 20 minutes taking off in the surrounding area of the hangar, a medium trip of 40 minutes arriving at Segovia, and a maximum length of 1 hour. The last one will be the completest route, flying over every single corner in Guadarrama Mountains
  • Moreover, we will give you the opportunity to add an HQ video to any of these flight options
And the last but not least, we will use a private airfield close to the province of Segovia, so you won't need to travel long distances.

Ultralight Flights Segovia (Ciudad)

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