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Description of Campus Promete Urban camps

Campus Promete puts in your hand the possibility that your child can attend a very special urban camp, designed to enhance the skills he decides.

The method is as follows: the young person tells us which area is the that he likes and in which he would like to carry out a personal project. We delve into all facets of that area.

We explain the different fields in which we can work, so you can get an idea of ​​our way of acting:
  • Nature and life: we will discuss research and dissemination. We will talk from microbiology to the infinite cosmos. We will go deeper into genetics and evolution.
  • Person and society: the Humanities area. We will work the mind, culture, dissemination, strategy ...
  • Performing arts: everything necessary to interpret, present, recite, dance ... Everything related to body expression.
  • Audiovisual arts: you will learn how to work in television, radio, cinema or photography. We will teach you to direct, to ride, etc.
  • Word: if yours is the word, whether sung, recited, in the form of an essay, novel, news, blog ... It's your field.
  • Music: we will go step by step in the musical process, from composition and editing, to production and interpretation.
  • Science and technology: for those who are interested in computer science, programming, engineering or even nanotechnology and construction,
  • Art and design: we will develop your qualities for body expression, interpretation, dance, presentation ...
They are, in general, the different areas that we offer you, but it is each of you who chooses the exact path. We want to make the best of each one!

Being an urban camp , participants come in daytime, returning home at night.

We will carry out the camp in Madrid, in Navarra and in La Rioja , for now. We will work to add more provinces and be able to reach more people.

The urban camp you were looking for for your children, is the Promete Campus .

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