Granja La Mina

El Pantano 39718 Sobremazas (Cantabria)
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Description of Granja La Mina

In La Granja La Mina our goal is for children and adolescents to share part of their daily lives in a natural environment learning from the living beings that surround us, both plants and animals.
We organize endless activities for schools, associations and in general every young person who wants to get closer to the country world.

Some of the activities that you will do with us are:

- Feed the animals: On the farm we have animals such as cows, mules, fallow deer, chickens and ponies. They live in an ideal environment for their growth and for children to learn to deal with them.

- Ride a pony: You can take walks in the ponies around the farm.

- Milking a cow: This way they will know how to get the milk we drink.

- Riding in zip line: we have a multi-adventure park that has a 60-meter zip line through which they can launch.

- Archery: will conduct archery sessions with full supervision of an expert monitor on it.

- Climbing: field trips to learn to climb a natural wall safely.

At all times the children will be accompanied by monitors who will teach them how to do each activity and supervise it.

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