Multiaventura Pelayos Water Skiing

Sierra de Béjar 37787 Pelayos (Salamanca)
 keep riding on skis  come with friends or family  start in water-skiing  try water-skiing  feel the water and speed  a very fun sport

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Description of Multiaventura Pelayos Water Skiing

For ski lovers who cannot wait for next winter to practice their favorite sport or for those who love the most active and fun water sports we bring you the best offer of all. We suggest you travel to the center of Pelayos Multiadventure to spend a fun day practicing water skiing .

The water skiing consists of going over the water on some ski boards while you are attached to a rope connected to a boat or jet ski. You will be pulled by this boat so you will reach great speeds on your skis and you will have a great time feeling the water and wind, in addition to the feeling of speed, in your body. The first challenge will be to keep your balance on the skis and then you can start jumping and stunts as you wish.

We guarantee that with this sport you will enjoy as a real child and you will never want to stop practicing it. In addition, it is very safe because if you fall it will be on the water so you will not suffer any damage.

Do not hesitate to call us and we will inform you about this and many other activities. You can create a most active and fun day by combining several sports and enjoying our gardens , bars and our great restaurant .


Water Skiing Pelayos

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