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Kitesurfing is one of the most spectacular sports

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Description of Northwind

Northwind is a water sports school that conducts both kitesurf and paddle surf courses. It is located on the coast of Somo, practically in front of the city of Santander, and is one of the best places in the region to learn to practice this type of sports.

The kitesurf was created in the 70s by a Dutchman who had the idea of ​​incorporating a kite very similar to a paraglider to a surfboard. In this way, the surfer could move driven by the air collected by the kite, and thus eliminated the need to be constantly catching waves. Today this sport has become popular, and it is a hugely demanded aquatic activity.

With us you can take three-level courses: initiation, intermediate and advanced. They also offer the possibility of taking a baptism course. This course has a much shorter duration and basically serves to have an overview of the activity and see if you like and want to encourage you to take a course with more content.

For its part, the paddle surf has its origin in the traditional way of navigating the Polynesians, standing on a board and propelling with a long paddle. The current sport is very close to traditional surfing especially because the boards used are quite similar (although not the same). It is a fairly quiet and relaxed activity, perfect for touring and knowing the coast.

We offer all kinds of courses, from baptism to advanced perfection. There is also the possibility of doing paddle surf routes and crossings for those who already have a reasonable handling of the board and paddle.

In addition to taking courses, you can also rent the material to do the activity on your own.

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How to get there?
From Santander: 20 minutes by road, or 20 minutes on the Santander-Somo ferry

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