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Lugar Pardollán s/n 32329 Rubia (Orense)
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Description of The Nomadventour

In The Nomad Adventures we will bring you the sport in the river and in the land of Orense to enjoy nature while you are with your family or friends in harmony. The river Sil and its riverside is our place, where we do routes, classes and full days of activities for any type of group and plan.

First, in the waters of the stream, we propose you to practice rafting and kayaking. There are to choose both courses to practice on your own in the future, such as enjoying adrenaline days with us, mountain guides who have left the city behind to bring you the wonders of the countryside near home.

  • Rafting : in the area of ​​ O Barco de Valdeorras , we go down a stretch that we do exclusively in The Nomad Adventures. You will see, and we will show you, the landscapes and the fauna of the place (trout, black bass and even otters). Children also have their place in these descents by the Sil, adapting the route and speed to the age and taste of the participants.
  • Kayak : We teach a 6-hour course practicing flotation and river progression, reaching the descent of the river if you learn enough at that time. In addition, you can extend school hours to strengthen knowledge. But if you don't want classes and you fancy an excursion, we'll go to the Peñarrubia reservoir for all ages.
  • Leaving the water, hiking is another activity that we are good at. We have routes through the Sierra Enciña da Lastra Natural Park , the old Roman gold mines and the old tungsten farms. Multi-level and duration.

Choose your adventure in Orense, we are in the municipality of Rubiá, waiting to start an adventure day in Galicia.

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