Club Náutico de León Windsurfing

Paseo Sáenz de Miera s/n 24009 León (Ciudad) (León)
 Learn to control the wind  Discover a new hobby  Sailing non-stop  Calm waters await you

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Description of Club Náutico de León Windsurfing

Windsurfing is one of the water sports par excellence, thanks to which you can learn to control the wind and water in the best possible way. In León Windsurf Yacht Club you can do it as you had always imagined and you will find a new hobby as exciting as it is fun.

Among all the activities in the water that we offer you, windsurfing will take you through indescribable sensations and understanding its operation will take you only a few moments.

We have qualified instructors who will show you everything you need so you can practice the activity, being them your best guide and making you see that you can have a great time practicing healthy life. Adventure sports bring you a good benefit, so, without hesitation, you have to practice it and what better than among our facilities with top professionals.

We are located near the Luna Reservoir, making it the ideal place for you to learn and practice this wonderful sport that makes thousands of tourists do it every year, reaching numerous competitions to see who reaches the goal. >
If you decide to come with your friends or family, you will be doing them a great favor and you will see how they never forget that you once taught them to practice this fantastic sport. It is the ideal time for you to make them happy.

Get in touch with us and we will inform you of what you need to know without obligation. At León Windsurf Yacht Club we will be waiting for you.

Windsurfing León (Ciudad)

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