Multiaventura Pelayos Windsurfing

Sierra de Béjar 37787 Pelayos (Salamanca)
 live a new way of sailing  windsurfing in group  take advantage of the waves  catching the waves  windsurf boards  With a windsurf board

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Description of Multiaventura Pelayos Windsurfing

If you like water sports and, especially, navigation in Multiadventure Pelayos we bring you a proposal that you will not be able to refuse.

We invite you to come to our center to practice an exciting sport such as windsurfing . Climbed on a surfboard that has an integrated sail you can launch to sail in the most direct way of all. You will feel the air and water on your skin while you direct such a peculiar boat wherever you want to go.

You can come to rent the material and go out on your own to sail and do water stunts or, if you have no experience in windsurfing , you can sign up for one of our classes >. We have the best instructors, experts in this sport, who will teach you the handling of the equipment, the proper position that you must maintain on the board, will tell you how to handle the sail and will take you to the water so that you start sailing under your supervision. < br />
We guarantee that in just a few hours you will be able to develop on your own on the table. You will only have to continue practicing to perfect your technique and launch yourself to perform stunts, yes, under the supervision of the monitors so that everything goes well.

Windsurfing Pelayos

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