Bodegas Aragonesas

Carretera de Magallón 50529 Fuendejalon (Zaragoza)
 The winery, in a unique enclave

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Description of Bodegas Aragonesas

The success of Bodegas Aragonesas wines is no accident. The restructuring and in many cases the preservation of our best vineyards allows us to obtain, in addition to one of the best garnachas on the market, the best musts to achieve vinifications of proven quality.

Bodegas Aragonesas is part of the Denomination of Origin Campo de Borja and its vineyards are located in the foothills of the Iberian mountain range, in the northernmost part of the province of Zaragoza.

This whole area, which occupies the somontano of the Iberian mountain range and the upper Ebro valley, shared with Navarra and La Rioja, constitutes a privileged territory for the cultivation of the vine, both for the quality of its land and its climate. / p>

The monitoring of the growth, health and harvest calendar guarantees the quality of the grapes and their collection at the exact moment of ripening.

If the work of our winemakers and technicians is remarkable, it is no less that of our wine growers. Hundreds of people who every day apply with care and rigor the specific care so that their vineyards extract the best of themselves from the land.

But, nevertheless, the main asset of Aragonese Wineries is still the vineyard and, especially, our garnachas, possibly unique in the world due to their age and number of strains.

If you want to know a winery inside, get in touch with Aragonese Wineries and get ready for an unforgettable trip for your senses.

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