Bodegas Ysios

Ctra. Camino de la Hoya 01300 Laguardia (Álava)
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Description of Bodegas Ysios

In Bodegas Ysios we make wine maintaining the identity of Rioja but adapting to the new oenological trends to create more fruity and intense wines. The winemaker seeks to enhance the fruit provided by the grape and give complexity to the wine by aging in barrels of multiple origins and different toasts. It has achieved powerful Reserve with a balance between fruit and toast, great structure and volume and concentration of black fruits.

In the most beautiful area of ​​Rioja Alavesa, located at the foot of the Sierra de Cantabria, stands the extraordinary silhouette of Bodegas Ysios . The winery surprises and fascinates the visitor to this privileged land, considered one of the best areas in the world for the cultivation of the vine.

The architect Santiago Calatrava designed it through the sublimation of the lines of a row of barrels. Like its interior, which also follows its avant-garde trail.

100% of the grapes we grow are pure Tempranillo, the Rioja variety par excellence. They are strains with an average age of 30 years and mainly conducted in a glass. The vineyard of Ysios is grouped into 7 different terroirs with location, orientation and particular geo-climatic conditions, which explains the great diversity and complexity of our wines.

In addition, one of the main specificities of Rioja Alavesa is that, due to, among other things, the terrain's own orography, the vineyards are very divided, in fact the 75 hectares of Ysios are divided into plots of between 0.5 and 4 hectares. p>

Contact Bodegas Ysios and enjoy one of the most avant-garde and spectacular wineries that can be found worldwide.

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