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Calle Font i Vidal, 7 07703 Maó (Menorca)
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Description of Incoming Menorca Winery Tours

To truly know any region or city you have to try its gastronomy and its customs. With Incoming Menorca you can enjoy the local wine in a wine tourism activity that we have prepared in one of the nearby wineries.

The first thing will be to visit the surroundings of the winery to be able to admire the large amount of vineyards necessary to make a good wine. Then they will explain how the wine is extracted from the grape and how it is preserved in the gigantic wooden barrels.

After doing this tour, play the best part: try the wines. So that you learn to differentiate them, an expert winemaker will give you a class on the types of flavors and wines they make in the cellar. You will taste white, red and rosé wines and at the end of the day you will know how to differentiate all the nuances that are hidden in this drink.

Wine tourism is gaining more and more followers as it is a sensational way to get to know any city or region. If you also want to succumb to the pleasures of wine and local cuisine, contact us to book your wine tourism day.

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