Zoos in Santillana Del Mar

Zoos in Santillana Del Mar

Zoo Parks in Santillana Del Mar: Look up for prices, exact location, opening times and get all the information about zoos in Santillana Del Mar. Zoo Parks in Santillana Del Mar are perfect for birthday’s parties, corporate events and incentives, original gifts and activities for children and kids. Visit these animal parks in Santillana Del Mar and get in contact with awesome species.

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Zoo de Santillana
Company Santillana Del Mar (Cantabria)

The Santillana Zoo is the result of more than 3 decades of hard work by José Ignacio Pardo de Santayana and all the people who have joined his cause during that time. And, the result is unbeatable! Today, the Santillana Zoo is 15 times larger than when it was born, in 1977, and houses species from all corners of the planet. Zoo animals are our guests of honor . We dedicate all the care they require, with the utmost love. To cover the costs, in addition to the visits to the zoo, we offer sponsorship programs. All collaboration is welcome. A test of the care that each and every one of the animals that we lodge in the zoo receive is the qualification that the Zoo of Santillana has received from ADENA / WWF, which includes among the 4 best zoos of all Spain . Throughout our history, we have carried out 37 programs for captive breeding of specimens of endangered species, for example Iberian wolf, otter, European bison, Asian lion, panther of the snows, orangutan, etc. We have representatives from all continents . Some of them are: Africa: chimpanzee, colobus, lemurs, mandrill, python, turaco ... America: anaconda, fake coral, gray parrot, squirrel monkey, saki, marmoset ... Asia: Przewalski horse, lion, orangutan, macaque, snow panther, tiger ... Europe: golden eagle, bison, owl, crow, red deer, hawk, fallow deer, boreal lynx, Iberian wolf, brown bear, mink ... Oceania: stick insect, Gould's diamond. In addition to visiting our zoo, you can also celebrate your birthday or even bring your children to our summer camps . Don't waste a minute and, head for the Santillana Zoo ! (Zoo Park Santillana Del Mar)

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