Terra Natura Benidorm Parques Zoologicos

Foia del Verdader, 1 03502 Benidorm (Alicante)
 our beautiful ocelot  our jaguar watching  a very nice tucan  meet the dhole  have fun with the capuchin monkey  elephant family

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Description of Terra Natura Benidorm Parques Zoologicos

From Terra Natura Benidorm we invite you to know the best zoo where you can enjoy a great variety of animals in a very direct and exciting way.

In our park we will make you live an authentic immersion in the animal world since they have ample spaces in which to live in semi freedom and, in addition, the barriers that separate us from them are made in such an organic way with nature that they will be practically invisible to your eyes. With this we will be able to recreate an authentic safari in which you will believe that the animals that surround you are really in the middle of the jungle.

Our zoo expands over 320,000 meters, which you can explore completely by combining areas on foot and others by car. You will be able to discover a great variety of animals that, in addition, you will be visiting according to the zone of the world in which you are. You can start with our most common animals, the ones we can find in Europe, jump to Asia and then discover the American animals. A unique tour that will allow you to observe all the animals in the most direct way of all.

In addition, in the park, you can also contemplate the typical vegetation of each area covered and learn about the history of each place thanks to our information points. In this way, your leisure day will become a fun cultural experience at the same time.

In Terra Natura Benidorm we also offer a large number of shows such as the flight of our birds or the best dolphin tricks. And, for you to rest and regain strength, we have an area of ​​bars and restaurants where you will find your favorite food.

Hurry up and come and experience nature in the most exciting way with Terra Natura Benidorm .

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