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Description of Fútbol Bubble

With Soccer Bubble football is far from being the usual thing because for the first time players will lose your usual skills to get into a huge plastic bubble that will cover you to the knees. This will match you with the partners who are not stars of the ball because clumsiness and falls are not only allowed but are recommended to leave prejudices off the field.

What we like best about our gigantic plastic balls is that they are of quality. Its interior is fluffy and they guarantee you hours of knocks and fun totally harmless.

To organize your departure we will include the rental of the enclosure as we move to the fields that best suit you by location. We choose facilities where there are showers for your comfort.

Within the game we also contemplate the assistance of a monitor who will act as referee. It will be the one who sets the rules and monitors the development of the game although we already anticipate that in this modality almost everything is allowed in favor of laughter.

Some of the scenarios we usually use are located in the Caja Mágica Madrid, in La Garena de Alcalá de Henares, inside the Pepu Hernández Sports Center or in the Boyal Dehesa in San Sebastián de los Reyes. However, we can manage other fields that are outside the list that we will offer when you tell us your needs.

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