La Colina

Moeche s/n 15564 A Coruña (Ciudad) (A Coruña)

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Battlefield  Crouching in the ferns  On the hill  Advance quad  Advancing to the command post  Capture the flag  Giving the final orders  Shoot and hit  Captured enemy  Leafy battle scenarios  The emotion of the attack  Don't let your guard down  Planning the strategy  Totally camouflaged

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Activity is not currently available

Description of La Colina

The Hill brings you the new concept of leisure that sweeps the world.

What is the Laser Combat?
-Unlike current games (Painball or Airsoft) no balls are fired.
The awkward clothing and protective mask disappears.
It is a new technology of long-range and very precise weapons, used
for military training.
The teams have a screen that informs the player at all times of their situation within the game.

The Hill has 60,000 m / 2 of forest spread over 4 fields of difenets difficulties ..
We will immerse the participants in a custom adventure; in which 2 teams must face each other for certain objectives.
They will have to interpret maps, communicate by walkie-talkie, coordinate the different commands and work as a team.

The forest is full of surprises you don't have.

Who can participate?
- All those over 12 years old with prior authorization of the tutor.
How many people play?
- The missions are a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 10.
What if I am not able to gather the minimum of 8?
- We enlist you in a recruit base and let you know as soon as we have a group.
How long is the game?
- 2 hours 30 minutes.
What should i bring?
- Safe footwear, comfortable clothes and adrenaline ready.
- The rest is provided by us:
. Weapon - Camouflage clothing - Walkie-Talkie - Camouflage face paint
Water bottle for battle - Cap and infrared sensor - Skewer and 1 soda or beer at the end of the battle.
Are there any special offers?
- La Colina has offers for large groups (schools, institutes, associations and summer camps).
- Team Building Objectives, aimed at companies.
- Organize tournaments (between breweries, schools and various groups)
The Hill has the option of organizing battles on customer grounds or facilities.
What other services do you have?
- Fully enxebre drinking service in the woods.
- Hiking trails.
- Combos of other activities linked to the Laser Combat such as the Raptor Show, two-seater flight, paragliding, etc.

In this game, refills are not charged and the participant plays until the last moment.
-We have special rates for events and large groups.

Where can I get information? Contacting La Colina !