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Experiences to give away Spain

Experiences to give away Spain

Gift experiences. Are you looking for an original gift in Spain? Find the best activities and experiences to give away in Spain depending on the occasion or event. Unique experiences that you will remember forever.

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Tips if you are looking Experiences to give away

Giving an experience as a gift is an original way to surprise that special someone with incredible memories that will last a lifetime. When it comes to choosing the right activity, it’s important to bear in mind who you’re buying for and what they’re celebrating. We have an endless range of ideas for experiences that will suit every taste and occasion, so we offer a surefire way to prove to your loved one just how well you know them.

What activities make a good birthday present?

If someone’s birthday is coming up and you don’t know what to give them, you’re in the right place. You can find thousands of activities here for every kind of person. If the birthday boy or birthday girl is particularly adventurous, you can give them a skydiving experience - they’ve probably always wanted to try it but have never had the time, or the nerve. A little nudge in the right direction is exactly what they need.

If, on the other hand, you think they’d like something a bit less intense, why not get them a session in a wind tunnel? These machines perfectly simulate the sensation of freefall, without the need to jump out of a plane. If what you’re looking for is an experience that they can enjoy with their friends, there’s nothing like a a title="Game of paintball" href="">game of paintball for a great day out, or a banana boat ride, which is guaranteed to leave everyone with a smile on their face. And that’s not all, if you want to give someone a unique activity, something they’ve never done before, give them the incredible experience of driving a ferrari. They’ll never be able to forget the experience, or the person who gave it to them.

What experience is good to give as a Christmas present?

Christmas shopping can be a stressful experience, but you can avoid the crowded shopping centres and worries about delivery dates by buying your loved ones an experience. Taking a look at our website, you'll have your ideas multiplied by the amount of activities that we offer - and you can take your pick. Make it a seasonal surprise by giving them something to do in the winter weather, like a snowmobile ride which can be combined with a cosy meal in a mountain refuge. And what about dog sledding? Riding on a sleigh pulled by a pack of huskies would be, without doubt, the most original and unforgettable gift that you ever give. Another incredible, and unexpected, option is igloo building. This is one to enjoy as a family, because even the little ones can join in on the fun!

But Christmas isn’t just about snow. There’s never a wrong time to give someone a gift like an aeroplane flight, which could include the experience of being a pilot for a day. And if you really want your gift to stand out, give the Sherlock Holmes in your life a trip to an escape room, or a wine tasting retreat to the wannabe sommelier. Whatever it is that you decide, it’s clear that the best Christmas presents, the ones that stay with you for your whole life are often not material things.

What can you treat your partner to on Valentine’s Day?

When it comes to giving the special someone in your life the perfect, personalised gift, there’s no time like 14th February. And it won’t just be a gift for your partner, but also for you! If you're an adventurous couple, don’t miss the chance to take a simultaneous paragliding flight, where you’ll each be taken into the air by an expert pilot. Sharing the adrenaline and watching each other in flight, you’ll get a thrill like no other! An even more daredevil option is to complete a tandem bungee jump - experiencing free fall together is something that will bring you closer together than ever before.

If you’re looking for a more relaxing vibe, perhaps horse riding is a better fit - we’re sure that you’ve always fantasised about riding off into the sunset together - or, if you want your experience to be a timeless classic, what would you say to going out on the water in a sailing boat together? It’s this kind of gesture that keeps the spark of your relationship alive. Whether you’ve been together for a couple of months or many many years, taking the time and choosing the right place for a romantic getaway is a surprise that will leave your loved one more enamoured than ever.

Bearing that in mind, there couldn’t be a better moment than Valentine’s Day to take a hot air balloon ride. This is an experience that we’ve all wanted to have at some point in our lives - so wrap it up and give it to your partner, then sit back and let your dreams become reality. When all is said and done, it doesn’t matter what kind of activity you organise for your loved one - it’s the bond you share that’s important.

What could you give your dad on Father’s Day?

This is our annual opportunity to thank our fathers for all the effort, care and dedication that they put into raising us into the people we are today. What better way to show our gratitude than the gift of a unique experience? If your dad has a need for speed then he’s probably always dreamt of driving a ferrari, and you can give him the chance to get behind the wheel of a supercar for real. And if you're as much of a petrol head as your old man, why not go head to head with him in a go karting race? There’s nothing like a bit of healthy competition to bring the family together.

You can also go for water based activities, like a baptism in the world of scuba diving, or a ride on a jet ski. Which would your dad prefer? Whether it’s one of these, or one of the thousands of others that we have on offer, we’re in no doubt that your dad will appreciate the time and effort that you put into your choice of present for him. And if you want to go big, you can’t get much bigger than a ultralight ride - an experience that he won’t be able to stop talking about for years to come.

What can you do to make your mum feel extra special on Mother’s Day?

Our mums deserve it all, and you can’t go wrong with an activity that they’ve never done before. That’s why we’re recommending that you give her the gift of a getaway, where she can relax and leave her worries behind. Something that you can combine with a trip somewhere special but works equally well by itself is a visit to a vineyard. Complete with a wine tasting session, this is a perfect choice for letting your hair down - and you might learn something too.

For adventurous mums, we recommend riding a dune buggy or a quad bike, which is an incredible way to see some spectacular scenery while enjoying the power of an off-road vehicle. And if your mother has a head for heights, you can take her on a helicopter ride where you can both enjoy breathtaking panoramas with a bird’s eye view.

Have you made your mind up? You’re just a couple of clicks away from making someone very happy!

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