Winter Sports in Spain

Winter Sports in Spain

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All the Winter Sports companies

Company Ordino (Andorra)
8€ per person
29 Prices
121 reviews
Company Monachil (Granada)
28€ per person
8 Prices
Company Huesca (City) (Huesca)
Tena Park
39€ per person
17 Prices
29 reviews
Company Masella (Girona)
Edelweiss Escola d'esqui i Snowboard
19€ per person
13 Prices
14 reviews
Company Rascafria (Madrid)
Norte Ski Club
195€ per person
5 Prices
Company Anso (Huesca)
Pirinea Nordic
5€ per person
8 Prices
10 reviews
Company Cerler (Huesca)
24€ per person
18 Prices
11 reviews
Company Galapagar (Madrid)
19€ per person
2 Prices
2 reviews
Company Aubert (Lleida)
40€ per person
4 Prices
Company Canillo (Andorra)
22€ per person
23 Prices
Company Andorra (City) (Andorra)
70€ per person
28 Prices
Company Lozoya Del Valle (Madrid)
50€ per person
1 Prices

Tips if you are going to do Winter Sports in Spain

Each time there are more people that choose to seize to the max their winter holidays to enjoy the sports they love the most. There is a lot of people that crosses out the days on the calendar until December arrives, and those who daily follow, very attentive and anxiously, the first snowfalls. Well then, if you are still hesitant on or not starting to practice any of the exciting snow sports, we give you some keys and advises that describe how and why they are so special.
1. Fall in love with Winter.

The same way you anxiously wait for Summer, you are eager to see those first snowflakes falling. You will want Autumn to be shorter and the Winter longer to have more opportunities to escape and travel to the snowy mountains. But rest easy, that if you don’t see yourself starting to practice ski or snow, you can enjoy a snow racket route and fall in love with the beautiful surroundings instead.
Fall in love with Winter
Center, north or south… Choose the ski station you want
2. Center, north or south… Choose the ski station you want.

A plus of our country is that you will find ski stations scattered on different areas of the geography. In the south, you will be able to have fun in the Sierra Nevada, in the Central System of La Pinilla or Valdesquí, and, of course, in the Catalanes Pyrenees and Aragón’s and the neighbour, Andorra. These are only some examples, since there are a lot of other places where to use your skis or board.
3. Sports for all tastes and audiences.

The snow sports hace continue to update and adapt to all type of audiences. Although, of course, the kings of the snow will still be skiing and snowboarding and that healthy rivalry between the sport’s professionals, but also, there a lot of other activities. You can go and visit the tracks and discover new sights with an exciting snowmobile route, or, if you prefer it, you can descend and go down with a sled dragged by nordic dogs. Bit, if you are looking for something calmer and relaxing, you can choose the snow rackets or cross-country ski instead, two different options to stroll through the snowy roads.
Sports for all tastes and audiences
Improve each year
4. Improve each year.

Each season, you will be able to seize them and continue to practice your favorite discipline and you’ll see how each year you make a progress. For it, you will have the opportunity to enroll in courses or private classes, where an expert instructor will tell you the basic notions and the tricks to improve the most in the little time possible. There are courses that from initiatory to improvement, because you can always learn a little bit more.
5. Celebrate Christmas among the mountains.

You surely have thought about celebrating Christmas differently, far away from the city, far from the traffic jams, preparing for long hours the Christmas meals at the kitchen… Well then, organize your family or friends and escape to any of the ski stations and get ready to live a spectacular Christmas Eve or New Year’s. You can seize a whole day to descend through the white mantel on the mountains again and again, and when the night falls, just have a great time with the rest of snow fans. It will be an experience hard to forget.
Celebrate Christmas among the mountains
When you can practice snow sports?:

Snowfalls are just imprescindible, since every year, we get surprised with how fast or late they arrive. Normally, the season for winter sports goes from December to March, even though there are occasions it delays until mid April.

The thing you need to remember, is December’s long holiday weekend, Christmas or Carnaval, are dates highly booked, so you need to book your activities on advance to secure availability. Now, wrap up well and go outside to enjoy the beautiful Winter.