Building an Igloo in Spain

Building an Igloo in Spain

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León Aventura
Company León (City) (León)

In León Aventura we want you to have the most complete winter experience and, therefore, we are going to show you how to build an igloo in the middle of the mountains as you have only seen before in movies. What we like most about this idea is that it is a family activity for which you do not need ... (Building an Igloo)

35€ per person
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Tips if you are going to do Building an Igloo in Spain

It is clear that snow provides a lot of activities and game and you can enjoy it in so many different and original ways like building an igloo. Is one of the most fun activities out there and the most unknown because the majority of people don’t even think is a possibility. Well, yes, this adventure exists and you have it in the main mountains of the peninsule. Check and see why you will love it.
1. Is an activity that is enjoyed with the family:

Ideal for the adults with kids from the age of 6 years, because there is no risk. The little ones love to hold a shovel for whatever. In Summer, they pass hours on the sand of a beach and the snow just open a world of options for them. If are close to the age of adulthood, or you an adult for a long time and travel without children, don’t renounce on trying it. Luckily, there is no age limit to have a great time and won’t leave you indifferent.
Is an activity that is enjoyed with the family
Discover how to build your own winter refuge
2. Discover how to build your own winter refuge:

for the building procedure, you will have the indications and the help of an specialist. He/she will tell you to press the snow so each block have consistency before cutting them and will tell you how to place them one over one until getting the classic image that you have seen in the cartoons and movies. Remember that a real igloo, and not the fake one for the atrezzo of a movie, it won’t be perfect like Nanuk the Eskimo, but it will be result of your effort and you will feel very proud.
3. Learn some crafts:

Whilst you build an igloo, you will solved the question that we always make about why the temperature is much better inside than tin the outside. These are interesting ideas that you will apply without even noticing your other trips in the outdoors. As the least thing, you will feel like a knowitall among your friends and will enjoy a nice contact with history when thinking in how the habitants living near the poles made the igloos their home.
Learn some crafts
Seize the snow in a different way
4. Seize the snow in a different way:

Since you ascend the mountain, seize the opportunity and pass a day in the nearest ski station without doing the same as always. Also, don’t ignore the classic options to complete the experience because there exist packages with trips with snow rackets, among others.
5. Sleep below a snow roof:

Put emphasis to your construction because is some of them, you can spend the time. So you can live the definitive eskimal experience, there are companies that will take charge on having the dinner ready and the mattress inside your refuge so you can put into test the night you stay. Is a smaller space, for two as a maximum, you will enjoy the intimacy of isolating from the world with your loved one, or enjoy alone time and meditate. As good as new!
Sleep below a snow roof
When you can book a build-an-igloo adventure?

The fundamental ingredient to build one of these cold little homes is snow and, obviously, you will need to wait for Winter. Usually, the season starts in December and it extends until April if the temperatures haven’t ascend a lot and the snowfalls have being non-stop during previous dates. Because is a limited season, write on your agenda to not forget it.