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Horse riding in Lozoya + 30 minutes class
Sepcial Horse Riding Tour for Couples in Doñana
Horse Riding Villamarxant w. Free Class
SPECIAL OFFER: Bungee Jumping in Madrid
Bungee Jumping in Madrid, Photoshoot included.

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1 or 2 seater jet ski route in Maro 2 hours
Irene Espinosa Monje
Canyoning in Valencia with free picture
1-Hour Jet Ski Excursion to Tabarca
Zaida Berna Bernabeu
Bungee Jump in Green Via of Yechar Mula
Carmen María Bastida Martínez
1-Hour Boat Tour in South Menorca & Paella

We recommend

  • Scuba Plus

     Cala Blanes » Menorca

    Menorca is a scuba diving heaven and Scuba Plus organizes here dive trips for beginners and more advanced divers, you can even obtain with us the different PADI certificates: Try Scuba...

  • Azulair Globos

     Pangusion » Burgos

    Azulair guarantees a completely different view of your city with a hot air balloon flight surfing the skies. You'll have the chance to fly over the north of the province of Burgos where...

  • Skydive Spain

     Bollullos De La Mitacion » Sevilla

    Skydiving with Skydive Spain will allow you to start out in this sport in a big way because you won't find another center that guarantees you a 60-second free fall. To do this, we get close to...

  • Estación Náutica Alto Tajo

     Valtablado Del Rio » Guadalajara

    Alto Tajo Nautical Station is a company dedicated to the organization of sports and leisure activities in the nature of the province of Guadalajara. The activities are carried out in the...

Activities and adventure sports

What is Yumping?

Adventure sports are the alternative to your usual leisure time.

Extreme sports are a great way to celebrate any type of event, from bachelor parties to providing a different kind of tourism, or simply spending quality time with your friends. Leave your comfort zone in search of new experiences and develop your skills in a natural environment.

You will find that all the activities we offer provide a challenge for each difficult level.

In addition, adventure sports require you to work together with other like-minded individuals, which helps create a special bond between you, while also allowing you to develop indispensable life-skills such as companionship and teamwork. Unleash your adrenaline with Yumping and enjoy firsthand a routine-breaking experience.

What can we do for you?

Our goal is to provide you with more options and freedom when choosing a company.

We want to make it easy for you to find a great plan to enjoy your free time or celebrate a special event by focusing on what is important to you: a portal in which you can encounter offers, locations, opinions and trustworthy businesses whose services have been contracted by users just like you. Our intention is to give you all the alternatives to organize your weekend plans and also that you can take advantage of our last minute offers

You can directly book activities online on our web page, where you may also contact us in case you need advice, request price quotes or contact the companies themselves. You also have the option of offering any activity as a unique gift.

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