Paddle Boarding in Spain

Paddle Boarding in Spain

Your guide for Stand Up Paddleboarding, (SUP). Consult prices and obtain the best offers from different centres and stand up paddleboarding schools. Find Stand Up Paddle Surf lessons to learn and perfect your technique.
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Company Puerto De Mazarron (Murcia)
Bahía Surf
9€ per person
22 Prices
15 reviews
Company Benalmadena Costa (Málaga)
Medusa ADN
15€ per person
3 Prices
Company Roquetas De Mar (Almería)
Blue Surf Center
10€ per person
9 Prices
3 reviews
Company Barro (Llanes) (Asturias)
Escuela Asturiana de Surf (EAS)
25€ per person
9 Prices
7 reviews
Company Lozoya Del Valle (Madrid)
Meridiano Raid
13€ per person
8 Prices
23 reviews
Company Eivissa (Ibiza)
SUP Yoga Ibiza
45€ per person
2 Prices
1 Feedback
Company Caion (Santa Maria Do Socorro) (A Coruña)
Náutica Golfiño
15€ per person
2 Prices
Company San Martin De Valdeiglesias (Madrid)
14€ per person
2 Prices
3 reviews
Company Nerja (Málaga)
Educare Aventura
24€ per person
1 Prices
1 Feedback
Company Ceuta (City) (Ceuta)
Ceuta Kayak
10€ per person
10 Prices
Company Llanes (Asturias)
Planeta Palombina
20€ per person
5 Prices
1 Feedback
Company Altea (Alicante)
Kaisurf school
25€ per person
2 Prices

Tips if you are going to do Paddle Boarding in Spain

You may know this sport as Stand Up Paddle or SUP. If you want to get on a surfboard, but you think you have neither the agility nor the strength required by this demanding sport, you can try paddle surfing, just as entertaining and exciting, but yes, more calm and requires less effort, all you have to do is row towards the destination that you propose. There is no beach that does not present someone practicing paddle surfing Are you going to stay without trying it? For now, we help you discover why it is the water sport of the moment.
1. Suitable for the whole family

It is a sport that can be practiced after 5 or 6 years, the only essential requirement is to know how to swim well to avoid any fright. The material is usually completely floating, so if you fall, you will find all the material very close, on the surface. In addition, there are very fun options that deal with a sup XL table that can fit up to 7 or 8 people and you will have to coordinate to row in the same direction and get ahead. Will you manage to navigate without falling into the water? We guarantee that laughter will not be lacking.
Suitable for the whole family
There is no need of physical preparation
2. There is no need of physical preparation

Although it is true that you can practice without any physical preparation, requires some balance and the tricks of the instructors to stand up and coordinate the rowing well. For this we advise you at least if it is your first time to choose an option with a monitor. Once you discover the tricks, you can rent the material and practice on your own.
3. Through sea, river or reservoir

Being a sport so easy to practice, you only need a little water to start surfing. It is ideal to do both in calm waters (reservoirs) for the most inexperienced as in the sea with waves or in rivers of whitewater for the most daring. Depending on both your experience and your adventurous spirit, this sport is offered in a variety of levels and locations, which is what makes it one of the most popular summer activities, thus preventing it from becoming monotonous and boring.
Through sea, river or reservoir
A relaxing experience
4. A relaxing experience

The surfboards to practice SUP are really wide what provides stability at the time of rowing. Being inflatable makes it very relaxing when standing in them. There are people with such a mastery of paddle surfing that they dare with yoga on top of the board.
5. In contact with nature

The position in which paddle surfing is practiced, kneeling or standing allows you to have a 360º panoramic view of the area you are paddling. Depending on the clarity of the water in which you sail, you can see several meters deep, enjoying fish and marine flora. This will make you have direct contact with the whole environment and practice sports while enjoying a view of scandal.
In contact with nature
Planning a paddle surfing adventure?

Being a water sport is perfect to do in summer or when the heat begins. The most common dates are usually from May to September and it is a very good option for destinations that lack a beach, but do have reservoirs and reservoirs. In addition, you do not have to worry about if you fall because it is mandatory to carry out this activity that the company provides you with the approved life jacket. But if you are not chilly, you can dare to practice with neoprene in autumn or spring, This activity is offered in two modalities, both as a rental of material only, as a monitor for the most inexperienced or who want to learn the technique with an expert.