Yumping.com Legal Terms

Index of Legal Conditions

These legal conditions can be read or printed, we ask that they are read in detail

    1. Preamble
    2. Objectives
    3. Obligations of the Users in the Portal
    4. Consent for the publication of the contents of en.Yumping.com
    5. Responsibility and distribution of content, data and / or user information
    6. Exclusion of guarantees and responsibility
    7. Links to pages of third parties
    8. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction
    1. General terms of use for the Forum Service and acceptance
    2. Purpose and Description of the Service
    3. Access of the Forum Service
    4. Obligations of the User
    5. Disclaimer
    6. Personal Datav
    7. Security Measures
    8. No license
    9. Applicable legislation
    1. Purchase procedures
    2. Prices and payment methods
    3. Cancellations changes and refunds.
    4. Purchase contract document
    5. Gift Cards specific conditions
    6. Responsibilities
    7. Compensation
    1. Information rights
    2. Purpose
    3. Obligatory or optional nature of the information given by the user and the veracity of this data
    4. Consent of the User
    5. Personal data given by minors
    6. Electronic communication
    7. Securityv
    8. Cookies e IPs
    9. Right of Access, Rectification and Cancellation of Data
    10. Modification of the present Policy of Data Protection
    11. Applicable legislation


    Wed address: en.Yumping.com
    Edificio Testa - C/Barnils, 64-68, D, 4ª planta
    08174 Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelone), Espagne
    Fax: (+33) 01 78 41 44 40
    Email: info@yumping.com

    N.I.F.: B-65584286

    Registered in the Mercantile Register of Barcelona, T. 40097, F.211, H.B 360009.
    Date of registration 18/12/2007


    2.1. Preamble

    YUMPING ADVENTURE, S.L. (from here on referred to as “YUMPING”) hereby declares the regulations of use for the free internet site en.Yumping.com
    The access and/or use of the website boda.com is totally voluntary and thus the USER conditions apply to whoever may use it. Every user accepts, from the moment of admittance to the site, without any reserve, the contents of the "Conditions of General Use", the "Privacy Policy", and similarly, if applicable, the "Special Conditions" that may compliment, substitute or modify in some way the regulations of the services and the contents of the PORTAL. Consequently, the USER must read the regulations carefully before he/she accesses or makes use of any service of the website, the responsibility of this belonging solely to the user.

    THE USER can access, print, download, and save the Conditions of General Use at any time. These conditions will be permanently accessible on the website through the link entitled Conditions of General Use.

    YUMPING reserves the right to modify, without prior warning, the content of the Conditions of General Use and the Privacy Policy in such a way that the USER is advised to read the said Conditions and Policies every time that he or she accesses and uses the PORTAL EN.YUMPING.COM

    Accordingly, YUMPING reserves the right to modify, without prior warning, the design, presentation and/or configuration of this website, for some or all of the services, and also the right to add new services.

    In any case, YUMPING reserves the right to, at any time and without any need of prior warning, to refuse access to the site to those users who fail to comply with any of the general conditions or special conditions that apply to them.

    2.2. Objectives

    The Conditions of General Use regulate the access and the use of the website services of PORTAL EN.YUMPING.COM

    The purpose of this PORTAL is to be a site for Brides and Grooms who wish to prepare for their adventure and make it an unforgettable day.

    As such, YUMPING ADVENTURE, S.L hereby puts a declaration regarding the internet users interested in this type of event the website en.yumping.com

    YUMPING will only make available to the rest of the users the dates and/or information pertaining to the USER when those dates and/or information do not infringe upon any law or legal stipulation stated in the Conditions of General Use.

    YUMPING will be able to remove from the website without prior warning any illegal contents, contents considered inappropriate or contents that could infringe the rights of third parties.

    The USER recognises that technically it is not possible to ensure 100% availability of the website EN.YUMPING.COM. However, YUMPING will strive to maintain the availability of the website in the most constant form possible. Owing especially to factors involving maintenance, security and capacity, in the event of any absence of control of YUMPING (for example, because of anomalies in public networks of communication, electricity failures, etc.) brief anomalies or suspension of the services of the website may occur.

    2.3. Obligations of the Users in the Portal

    THE USER promises to make a similar careful use of the services accessible from the website, subject entirely to the law and to the good customs and precedents set in the Conditions of General Use, and, if applicable, Special Conditions, in order to maintain the respect owed to the other users.

    In general terms, the provision of the services does not demand any previous subscription or registration by the users. Nevertheless, YUMPING stipulates the use of some of the services utilized at the point of registration, for example, the selection of the identifier (ID or login), and the password that the user promises to preserve and use with due care.

    The use of the password is personal and not transferable, and also prohibited is the disclosure and use of the password- even temporarily - to third parties. As such, the User must adopt any means necessary to ensure the custody of the password, avoiding any use by third parties. Consequently, the User is the only person responsible for the use made of his/her password, with total indemnity applying to YUMPING. In any case in which the User knows of or suspects the use of his/her password by third-parties, he/she must make YUMPING aware of this as soon as possible.

    The said register will be executed in the form clearly indicated in the relevant service.

    All the information provided by the User to the services must be true and exact. To these ends, the User guarantees the authenticity of all the data that is involved in the completion of the processes necessary for the subscription to the Services.

    In this same way, it will be the responsibility of the User to maintain all the information made available to YUMPING in a way that is permanently accurate and that corresponds to the true situation of the User at any time. In every case, the User will be the only person responsible for any false manifestations or inaccuracies that occur, and similarly any damage caused to YUMPING or to third parties by this information.

    The User is obliged to respect the relevant laws and rights of third parties using the contents and services of the website. As such, the reproduction, distribution, transmission, adaptation or modification, by any means or in any form, of the contents of the website (texts, designs, graphics, information, data-bases, archives of sound and/or image, logos, etc.), and any other elements of this website, are strictly prohibited, unless prior permission from the appropriate bodies has been granted, or unless it is legally permitted.

    As indicated, and without limit, the following are prohibited: the use of any abusive or slanderous contents that may affect other users or other people or companies; the use of pornographic contents or contents that infringe upon the laws for the protection of minors; the publicity for and the distribution of pornographic offers and products, or anything that may infringe upon the laws for the protection of minors; the harassment or irritation of other users (especially through spam); the use of legally protected contents (i.e. by the legislation relating to intellectual property, brands, patents, or models of use or aesthetic models) without having the right to it; the proliferation of publicity, offers, or the distribution of goods or services that are legally protected, so as to make or incite actions against free competition, including attempts to attack customers through means such as chain emails, snowballing, or pyramid selling.

    The user is prohibited to engage in any of the following actions:
    • The use of mechanisms, software or scripts in relation to the use of the website.
    • Blocking, over-subscription, modification or copying, when this is not necessary for the correct use of the services of the website. For example, content-copying software of any type similar to and including "Robot/Crawler" are not necessary for the correct use of the services of the website, and are therefore strictly prohibited.
    • The dissemination, reproduction or public communication of the contents of the website YUMPING, of users or third-parties, without the previous authorisation of the rights holder.
    • Any action liable to damage the functioning of the infrastructure YUMPING, especially actions capable of over-flowing the website.
    • The illicit use of any of the material or information of the contents in the website are strictly prohibited by the terms of the Legal Conditions, and furthermore the particular conditions, which stipulate that in the case of any use in violation of the rights and interests of YUMPING, or its members and or third parties, it will be obliged to act against those in violation. Similarly, the contravention or incompletion of these aforesaid obligations and/or any other type of violation (including the introduction of diffusion of viruses), damage, misuse, over-flowing, deterioration, or impediment of the normal use of the material and information of the contents the systems of information or the documents, archives and all the class of content stored in any computer of YUMPING, of its members or of any user.
    The user is aware of, and voluntarily accepts, that the use of the service is his/her sole and exclusive responsibility.

    The user will respond to any damage or injury of any kind that YUMPING may suffer as a consequence to the incompletion of any of the obligations that are stipulated by the "Conditions of General Use", or by the law in relation to the Use of Service.

    2.4. Consent for the publication of the contents of en.Yumping.com

    Through the publication of the contents in the en.Yumping.com portal, the legitimate holder of the rights of the intellectual property of the published photographs expressly authorizes YUMPING to reproduce, distribute and publicly communicate the content by any electronic means, principally Internet and email, for every person, and without any time limit. In this sense, the USER declares that he or she is the legitimate owner of any photographs posted on the website, with the correct rights for the publication of these photographs in the Portal en.yumping.com

    YUMPING does not permit the insertion of contents that reduce the quality of the service. It prohibits the insertion of any contents that:
    • May be illicit in terms of national norms, community or international norms, or any contents that may cause illicit activity or that violate the principles of good faith.
    • Do not meet the parameters of quality set by YUMPING.
    • Attempt to violate the fundamental rights of the people, search for any weakness of the user, fails to comply with the courtesy of the network, harass or cause our users or third-parties to have negative opinions. Specifically, and in the said mode of any of the legal rights of third parties (although not limited only to the form stipulated by these rights); those that favour or promote the creation, maintenance and encouragement of businesses related to pornography, obscene material, or steps towards erotic contacts; contents that are related to clairvoyance, tarot, "science of the occult", or any other related content; and, in general any contents that YUMPING may consider inappropriate for the users, and, especially, for any minors.
    • And in general, any contents that violate the principles of legality, honour, responsibility, protection of human dignity, protection of minors, protection of public order, protection of private life, the protection of the consumer and the rights of intellectual and industrial property.

    As such, YUMPING reserves the right to withdraw from the website any of the contents that are not considered to be appropriate to the characteristics and purposes of en.yumping.com

    YUMPING cannot control each and every one of the published contents, and in such a way it cannot assume the responsibility for the contents.

    In every case, the inserted and published contents are regularly revised in order to secure the principles of the quality of YUMPING as indicated by the norms set out here.

    If advised of any inappropriate content in the website, please contact us through our service of Attention to the user: info@yumping.com and/or telephone 93 504 56 00

    Any user that inserts a content that contravenes the valid legality will assume the exclusive responsibility of the damages and consequences thus caused, therefore absolving YUMPING of any responsibility.

    The users are the only persons responsible for obtaining any type of authorisation, permission or license, in the case of these being necessary for the creation and publication of any content.

    Any user that inserts a content that contravenes the valid legality will assume the exclusive responsibility of the damages and consequences thus caused, therefore absolving YUMPING of any responsibility.

    2.5. Responsibility and distribution of content, data and / or user information

    The user expressly authorizes YUMPING to distribute data related to content that has contributed to YUMPING.

    The user expressly authorizes YUMPING to change some contents in order to respect the graphic design of the website or other means of communication used in the YUMPING platform. These rights or licenses of use are granted for use worldwide and the duration of the legal protection of the user rights.

    YUMPING has no obligation to control the use of the service by the users and therefore does not guarantee that it will be used in accordance with the provisions of the terms, nor does it guarantee that the users will be diligent and/or prudent to these terms.

    As such, YUMPING has no obligation to verify the identity of the users, the accuracy, validity completeness and /or authenticity of the data that the users provide about themselves.

    Notwithstanding the previously stated, YUMPING reserves the right to restrict, in whole or in part, the access of the services of individual users, and to cancel, suspend, block or remove certain types of content through the use of technological instruments suitable for this purpose if there is actual knowledge that the activity or stored information is unlawful or harms the property or rights of any third party. For this reason, YUMPING may establish necessary filters in order to prevent the possibility that the service could be present in a network of illegal or harmful content.

    2.6. Exclusion of guarantees and responsibility

    Saving those cases expressly described in the Legal Conditions and the rest of the normative brand of the website, YUMPING does not accept responsibility for the damages and injuries of any form that can result from an absence of accuracy, topicality, exhaustively, and as such any errors or omissions of those that the information and service contents in this website could suffer, or that other contents that could be accessed, nor is any promise or duty assumed to verify or invigilate the contents or information.

    As such, YUMPING does not guarantee the availability, continuity nor infallibility of the functioning of the website, and consequently, it excludes by the maximum means permitted by the current legislation, any responsibility for the damages and injuries of any form that can result from the availability or continuity of the functioning of the web site, and the services similarly authorized, as such any errors in the access of the distinct web pages or those from which, where applicable, the said services are available.

    YUMPING does not assume responsibility for the contents, dates and/or information invested by the users of the website, nor for the external contents of the website available through links. Particularly, YUMPING does not guarantee that those contents will be true, nor that they will fulfil a determined aim, nor they will be able to serve this aim.

    YUMPING will not be responsible for the opinions expressed by users through the portal, forums, communities or other tools of participation and opinions.

    2.7. Links to pages of third parties

    YUMPING includes inside its contents links to sites belonging to or administered by third parties, with the objective of facilitating access to information available through the Internet.

    YUMPING does not assume any responsibility pertaining to the existence of the links of this site and contents that are situated outside of it, or of any other mention of the contents external to the site. Such links or mentions have a purpose that is exclusively informative and, in no case, implicate support, endorsement, commercialisation or relation to anything between YUMPING and the persons or perpetrating entities of such contents or titles of the sites where they are found.

    2.8. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

    The precedents set by the Legal Conditions and the rest of the conditions of the web site will be governed by Spanish legislation.

    For any legal issues or actions pertaining to the provision of the services and contents of YUMPING, and over the interpretation, application, completion or incompletion of what is established, YUMPING and the USER, with strict resignation to any other jurisdiction that could correspond to them, are submitted to the jurisdiction of the courts and tribunals of Barcelona.


    The use of the service must come conditioned by the prior acceptance of the Terms of use for the Forum Service to be found in the Legal Terms of adventures.

    3.1. General terms of use for the Forum Service and acceptance

    These terms of use for the Forum Service (hereinafter “The Forum Terms of Use”) govern the provision of the Forum on behalf of YUMPING and therefore the acceptance and use of the Forum service by the users.

    The use of this Service comes with the condition of a previously completed registration form for the Community with the website en.yumping.com (via the user Access link), and therefore with the previous acceptance of the legal conditions.

    Therefore, the use of some of the services attribute the condition of the User (here on, the “User”) of the en.Yumping.com security ,the Forum service, and expresses the full and unreserved acceptance by the User of each and every condition in the version published by YUMPING at the moment in which the User accesses the service.

    The use of the Forum Service is also subject to all notices, regulations of use and instructions made known to the User of YUMPING.

    YUMPING reserves the right to modify, at any time these conditions of use for the Forum. The same applies from the moment they are available to the users through the website en.yumping.com. YUMPING recommends reading the conditions each time that the Forum is used as they may have been subject to change.

    The provision and use of the Service by the User shall, in any case, be subject to strict compliance of the terms contained in these Legal conditions

    If the user chooses not to accept the Legal conditions and / or where appropriate, future conditions and notices that YUMPING may present, the User must refrain from accessing and / or use the Forum Service offered.

    3.2. Purpose and Description of the Service

    The purpose of these Legal conditions is the provision of the Forum Service over the internet. The Users, free of charge and with previous validation of the name of the User and a previously assigned password, can interchange, access, respond to messages and, in general, maintain conversations with other Users of the service to express opinions and exchange views about information, activities and services that are contained in en.yumping.com or that may be accessed from here, as well as matters related to YUMPING.

    3.3. Access of the Forum Service

    The access to the Service will be provided through the name of the User and the password chosen by the User. The User assumes the consequences for the breach of confidentiality and misuse of the passwords and access codes.

    Any User with an age of 14 years or more may freely access this Service. Any user under the age of 14 years will require written consent from the parents or guardians of the minor in order to access the Forum service.

    3.4. Obligations of the User

    The user agrees to the use of the Service in accordance with the law, these conditions and the Legal conditions of the website, in addition to the moral and good customs generally accepted and the public order.

    The user is obliged to abstain from using the services for illicit effects or purposes contrary to the provisions established in these conditions and legal conditions of the website, from harming the rights and interests of others, or in any way damage, disable, overburden or impair the normal use or enjoyment of the service for the other users. In particular, and merely illustrative and not exhaustive, remains the prohibition of the transmission, dissemination or the making available to others through the service, information, messages, graphics, sound files and/ or images, photographs, recordings, software and, in general, any type of material, information or contents that:

    A. In any way harasses, threatens, or abuses the other members of the forum o any outside third parties.

    B. Incorporates obscene or objectionable contents or that could offend the sensibilities of any third parties who access the Service.

    C. Disseminate contents that may infringe or violate any right of intellectual property.

    D. Encourage others to violate these conditions, the General conditions of website use and other Legal Conditions contained in the website en.yumping.com.

    E. Post content with the intention of impersonating any members of the en.Yumping.com team nor other User through the use of a similar identification or through any time of other method or device.

    F. Can be used for commercial purposes, advertising or illegalities for example the transmission of junk mail, chain mail or the mass distribution of unsolicited messages.

    G. Infringe regulations about the privacy of communications.

    H. Remains expressly prohibited the sale, promotion and distribution of services of products through the platform of the Yumping forum.

    For its part, YUMPING reserves the right to withdraw and/ or suspend any User of the Service for breach of any of the Legal Conditions and can eliminate, remove and / or suspend any message that incorporates information with the characteristics listed above (letters A to G) even when it has not remained stated above, without prior notice or subsequent notification.

    3.5. Disclaimer

    The messages and contents expressed by the Forum Users enabled by this website are the opinions only of those senders and only they are responsible for their content is solely and exclusively.

    YUMPING is in no way responsible for any messages sent by their Users and also excludes any liability for damages of any kind that could result from the knowledge of the conditions by third parties, characteristics and circumstances of the use of the service by the Users or that could be due to access and, where appropriate, to the interception, removal, alterations or manipulation by third parties authorised or not, for the messages that the Users disseminate or make available to third parties through the Forum service.

    YUMPING does not guarantee the availability, continuity nor the infallibility of the functioning of the Service and therefore excludes as far as legally possible, all liability for any damages of any kind that may be due to the availability or continued operation of the website and of the services provided, also for the errors in accessing other web pages or those from which, if any, such services are rendered.

    3.6. Personal Data

    As indicated in paragraph 1 of these conditions of the Forum Use, the access and use of the Forum is subject to the condition that there has been a previous acceptance of the General conditions for Forum use. Yumping informs that it will treat all personal data under the terms of the Personal Data Protection Policy in the website.

    Additionally, the user expressly agrees that the opinions expressed in the YUMPING forums are will be found and accessible through Internet searches.

    Users guarantee the truthfulness, accuracy, validity and authenticity of the Personal information provided, and have the responsibility to keep them updated.

    3.7. Security Measures

    Given that the security measures of the Internet are not faultless with respect to the privacy and the security of the use of the Forum service, YUMPING does not guarantee that third parties, authorised or not, may be aware of the nature, conditions, characteristics and circumstances of the use of the service by the Users or that they can access and, where appropriate access, intercept, eliminate, alter, change or manipulate the messages and communications or any kind that Users disseminate or made available to third parties through the said services.

    3.8. No license

    YUMPING authorises the registered user in the Service the use of intellectual property rights relating to software that permits the performance of the benefits that make up the Service solely in order to use them as set by the terms and conditions.

    YUMPING does not grant any other license or authorisation of use regarding its rights to any type intellectual property or regarding any other type of property related to the Forum service or regarding the contents in the Declaration of Intellectual Property rights from the website en.yumping.com that the User can find in the Legal Terms.

    3.9. Applicable legislation

    These terms are governed in each and every one of its clauses by Spanish law.

    Users may submit suggestions or proposals about the improvement of different information, activities and / or content services provided in the website. Please contact the YUMPING customer services by clicking here.

    YUMPING recommends the User to print the Terms and Conditions of the Forum Service before registering.


    4.1 Purchase procedures

    Through the purchase process, the user gets a non-nominative and versatile voucher for other countries where YUMPING operates within the portal's exchange, refund, and cancellation policy established framework. The steps to purchase services through the Website is the following:

    1) Click the "purchase now" button to start the process. You can find it underneath the product or service.

    2) Select the number of people who go take the activity or service with you, as well as the date on which the activity or service will be carried out. You can also purchase the activity or service without a specific date or as a gift. You will have to fill out your name, email and telephone to get the correct confirmation order. Select one of the following available payment methods: Payment by credit/debit card AMERICAN EXPRESS, VISA, VISA Electron, Maestro or Mastercard or PayPal.

    3) If by any case you have a discount or gift voucher available, you must include it in the shopping cart. You will find an available link to put the voucher under the name of (I have a voucher discount). If you don't put the voucher in the provided box and make the purchase without it, you won't be able to claim it once you the application of the discount after the confirmation of the order.

    4) Once you click the "make payment" button, you will be taken to one of our secure shopping platforms where the payment will be completed.

    5) At the end, you will receive the confirmation of your purchase in a message on the screen and by means of an email sent to the email address provided. All products on the Website are marketed based on the sales catalogs of YUMPING partners.

    4.2 Prices and payment methods

    All prices published on the Website, unless expressly stated otherwise, include the corresponding VAT. The User must pay for their purchases by bank transfer, PayPal, AMERICAN EXPRESS, VISA, VISA Electron, Maestro or Mastercard credit or debit card.

    To proceed with the payment by bank transfer, the User must make a transfer with the details that we will provide by phone and mail. It will indicate the account number to which you must make the transfer, the amount and the reference that you must attach to speed up the final acceptance process of your order. The order will be processed once the full amount has been received and the period of delivery days communicated to the client will begin to count from the receipt of the full amount. Orders made by bank transfer are valid for 48 hours. Any payment made after that period may be subject to changes in availability of the activity or prices. In addition, as long as it is not in the LAST MINUTE section, its validity and availability will still be on.

    YUMPING reserves the right to request a copy by fax or email of the used card and ID document (DNI, passport,...) of the User to confirm the veracity of the data provided, as well as a copy that certifies the transfer made if the case applies (if a transfer was made as a payment method).

    4.3 Cancellations changes and refunds.

    4.3.1 Reasons to provide a refund.

    - YUMPING reserves the right to accept or reject a purchase for any reason including, but not limited to, the unavailability of a booking, an error in the price or in the description or image of the service or product, or for any error in the purchas. If by any case a purchase is cancelled, the total payment received will be refunded by the same method used to make the purchase within approximately 3 to 15 calendar days.

    - YUMPING is committed to change the activity or service for a similar one if there is availability whenever the situation is derived from a YUMPING mistake. In the event that the change cannot be made, the total amount will be refunded. To make a return effective, contact us through the space available for this purpose https://en.yumping.com/contact

    -The owner of the purchase made will have the right to request a refund within a period not exceeding 14 calendar days from the date of purchase, outside this period the return of it cannot be claimed.

    - As a restriction to the above, if it is a purchase with an already established date, since we are talking about a provision of a service that entails an associated reservation of a place, the holder of the purchase made will not be able to request the return of the same if Less than 14 days remain to carry out the activity.

    - Purchases may be canceled and returned as long as YUMPING receives a notification from the Operator (the company carrying out the activity) and which usually occurs in cases such as weather conditions, cancellations, breakdowns, date changes, ... In the case that a change in the date of the activity is required, the user must contact YUMPING by email at info@yumping.com to notify it.

    4.3.2 There is no refund when

    - The inability to attend the purchased service.

    - An error when making the purchase will not be valid reasons to proceed with the refund.

    - When the holder has not been able to redeem the voucher before its expiration date for reasons attributable to the activities or services provider or to YUMPING. They may contact the SAC to find a proper solution to the incident.

    4.3.3 Changing activity possibilities and the virtual wallet

    The owner of the purchase made will have the right to request a change of activity within a not exceeding period of 14 calendar days from the date of purchase, regardless of the service purchased through the Website. This condition will not apply to purchases marked with a date in advance of less than 14 calendar days for the performance of the activity. Another available option to the user will be to deposit the amount in a YUMPING virtual wallet. This amount may be used to purchase any activity in any of the countries in which YUMPING is operating. The money deposited in the virtual wallets does not expire.

    Without prejudice to the foregoing, in the case that the holder doesn't redeem the voucher on the day of the date the indicated on the received voucher for reasons attributable to the user, the voucher will be considered expired, and its exchange will not be possible, in this case, the voucher holder won't have the right, by any means, to a refund of the amount paid or change.

    4.3.4 Regarding open dates and gift voucher purchases

    In the specific case of the purchase of a voucher without a date or in gift format, either by email or gift box, the holder will have 90 calendar days after the purchase to be able to choose the date of the activity or the voucher will expire without a rufund possibility.

    From this date, a new grace period of 90 additional calendar days will be established, during which the user, by paying 20% of the total amount of the purchase, will again be able to establish a date to carry out the activity, as long as the offer /price remains valid in YUMPING. After this second grace period, the bonus is considered invalid and the user accepts its expiration in an inexorable and unappealable way without the possibility of any refund.

    4.3.5 Termination of Buyer Protection

    The purchase holder terminates its protection as a Yumping buyer when the booking reference number is provided, ensuring that the activity has been carried out.

    4.4 Purchase contract document

    The data recorded by YUMPING at the time of making the purchase is proof of all the transactions carried out between YUMPING and its customers. YUMPING will file the electronic document in which the contract is formalized.

    To correct possible errors made in making the purchase, please contact us via email at info@yumping.com

    The language of the formalization of the contract will be English.

    4.5 Gift Cards specific conditions

    A Yumping gift card will be processed whenever you select the option "This is a gift" after you click on the purchase button. It's consumable later for the value of the purchase for any of the activities and products available on the Web Portal at the time of the exchange.

    Notwithstanding the foregoing, Yumping gift cards do not expire and can always be used.

    The owner of the purchase made will have the right to request a refund within a period not exceeding 14 calendar days from the date of purchase, outside this period the refund cannot be claimed.

    4.6 Responsibilities

    YUMPING only makes available to Users/Buyers a virtual space that allows intermediation between Users/Buyers and suppliers in the purchase-sale of a product or service. YUMPING is not by any means, the owner of the products or services provided, it doesn't have possession of them, but only works as a thrid-party in the improvement of the operations carried out between the Users/Buyers and the service and/or product providers.

    YUMPING will therefore respond to consumers and users in its capacity as seller, in accordance with the provisions of Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16, which approves the consolidated text of the General Law for Defense of Consumers and Users.

    YUMPING within its policies for the admission of its Suppliers, requires the integrity, honesty, social responsibility and moral solidity of each one of them, as well as the quality of their products and services.

    YUMPING doesn't participate in any organizational aspect of the activities or services put up for sale and therefore has nothing to do with aspects such as access conditions, accommodation in the case the have it... As well as, the contents, services and products that appear in the advertising and promotional actions of our website. They correspond solely and exclusively to its advertisers. In the same way, the civil liability derived from the provision of the different services corresponds solely and exclusively to the companies that provide them.

    Therefore, in all purchases made through YUMPING, the respective business where the Users/Buyers redeem their voucher/ticket is responsible for issuing, at the request of the Users/Buyers, the corresponding ticket or invoice.

    From the moment in which the holder of the purchase delivers the booking reference number received when making the reservation, ensuring that the activity has been carried out, YUMPING terminates its protection to the buyer.

    4.7 Compensation

    The Users-Clients will therefore keep YUMPING, its directors, administrators, representatives and employees, intact for any claim or demand from third parties related to the activities promoted within the Web Portal or for the breach of the General Terms of use and other policies that are understood to be incorporated herein or for the violation of any laws or third parties rights.


    Copyright © 2008 – YUMPING ADVENTURE - All rights

    All rights of use are reserved.

    This website is guided by and in compliance with Spanish law, and is protected by national and international legislation relating to intellectual and industrial property.

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    YUMPING does not concede any license of authorization of use of any class over its rights of intellectual and industrial property, or over any other property or right related with the Portal, the services, or the contents of the website.

    The legitimacy of the rights of intellectual or industrial property corresponding to the contents invested by the users is under the exclusive responsibility of the users themselves.

    In order to preserve the possible rights of intellectual property, in the case of any USER or third party becoming aware of any possible violation of their legitimate rights by introducing a determined content in the website, this USER or third party must provide a written notification of the said circumstance to a YUMPING ADVENTURE, S.L (en.Yumping.cok), Avda. Alcalde Barnils, 64-68, D-4ª, 08174 Sant Cugat del Vallés (Barcelona),indicating:
    • Information personally indentifying the interested title holder of the rights presumed to be infringed. If the reclamation pertains to a third party distinct from the interested party, the interested party must make this representative relation known.
    • Indication of the contents protected by the rights of intellectual property and their location in the web.
    • Documents accrediting the existence, ownership, and validity of the cited rights of intellectual property.
    • A declaration expressing that the interested party takes can account for the accuracy and veracity of the data and information provided in the notification that refers to this point.


    6.1. Information rights

    The hereby stated policy of data protection regulates the access and the use of the services of the website en.yumping.com, (from here on referred to as the "YUMPING") and as such YUMPING ADVENTURE, S.L makes the uses of the site freely available to the users of the Internet interested in its services and contents (said users hereon referred to as the "Users".)

    In conforming to the Organic Law (Ley Orgánica 15/1999), established 13 December, for the Protection of Personal Data (LOPD), YUMPING ADVENTURE S.L as the title holder of the website, informs the user of the existence of data files of personal information created by YUMPING and under its control and responsibility.

    YUMPING fulfils all criteria of the current legislation relating to the protection of personal data, and is under its own obligations of confidentiality in relation to its activity.

    If the user decides to register with en.Yumping.com, he/she will be required to provide the data strictly necessary to ultimately fulfil the objective of our website, which s none other than that of facilitating, at the point of entry, through the publication of advertisements, between companies that offer products and services related to the celebration of a yumping and those users interested in the company’s products and services

    To such effects, it is required that the users complete a form which includes their personal data. The treatment of this form will have the sole focus of obtaining these ends, and will always remain within the established norm.

    The data that the user makes available to use will be incorporated into a file of personal data, that will be situated and duly inscribed within the Data Protection Agency (Agencia de Protección de Datos).

    6.2. Purpose

    The personal data relating to the registered users that is made available through the form authorised and effected in en.yumping.com, is intended solely for specific use by YUMPING, with the following purposes:
    • To enable the users the free access and search facility of the services and products related to adventure sports depending on the province, sector of activity, type of service and population.
    • Advertise services and products from companies associated with the holding of an adventure sport by creating a form with contact details, location and description of their services or products and photographs, if necessary.
    • To facilitate contact, through requests for information via email and telephone, between companies that advertise their products and services in en.Yumping.com and the Users interested in these services.
    • To facilitate for the users all information necessary to organize an adventure activity through articles and advice published in en.Yumping.com.
    • The creation and participation in the YUMPING forum.
    • Referral of electronic promotional communication and information about real estate and other sectors stated in point 4.6 of the Data Protection Policy.

    6.3. Obligatory or optional nature of the information given by the user and the veracity of this data

    The fields marked with an asterisk (*) in the registration form to be completed by the user are strictly necessary for the completion of their application, and in the remaining fields the inclusion of information is voluntary.

    The User guarantees that the personal data given to YUMPING is true and as such the user takes on the responsibility of communicating any modification of this data.

    The given data is adequate, relevant, and not excessive in relation to the legitimate and explicit fields, purposes and services of YUMPING.

    The User guarantees that all the personal information given is exact, up to date and corresponds with the current and veritable situation of the User. It corresponds to the user, and it is the obligation of the user to maintain, in every moment, the correct data, and the user is as such uniquely responsible for any inaccuracy or falsehood in the given data, or for any damages that could be caused to YUMPING or to third parties who wish to use the services offered by YUMPING.

    6.4. Consent of the User

    By filling out the form and by clicking to send the data, the user expresses that he/she has read and expressly accepted the precedents of the privacy policy and the conditions of use, and also grants his/her uncompromising and explicit consent to the treatment of his/her personal data conforming to the stated purposes and services provided by YUMPING.

    In this way, the User gives his/her consent from the moment of registration, that the photographs of their property will be publicly visible to the rest of the users of YUMPING and within internet searches.

    The User expressly consents to the transfer of their data to other users of YUMPING as well as entities that use the services of YUMPING to find users interested in area.

    6.5. Personal data given by minors

    Those above the age of fourteen are able to register as users with YUMPING without the previous consent of their parents or guardians. For minors below the age of fourteen years, the consent of their parents or guardians is required for the treatment of their personal data.

    In no case will the personal data relating to the professional, economic or private situation of any other members of the family be obtained from an under-age minor without consent.

    If you are a minor below fourteen years old, and you have gained access to this Website without notifying your parents, you are not permitted to register yourself as a user.

    6.6. Electronic communication

    The completion and sending of the electronic form of YUMPING, signifies the express consent of the user to the sending of bulletins that include news, details of new features, and information relevant to the Website, and similarly the users consent to the electronic communications relating to the business sector and the following sectors:
    1. Information and Technology:
      1. Computer science, software and Technology
      2. Internet
      3. Digital TV/ Satellite / Cable
      4. Telephone
      5. Mobile telephone
    2. Gastronomy / Nutrition
    3. Craft, Decorating and Interior design
    4. News and communication to collaborate or associate with non-governmental organizations
    5. DIY
    6. Pets
    7. Financial services:
      1. Finances
      2. Private banking
      3. Stock exchange and investment
      4. Brokers
      5. Credit: Loans and Mortgages
      6. Credit Cards and Accounts
      7. Mortgages
      8. Renting / leasing
      9. Insurance
    8. Property offers
    9. Cars and the motoring sector
    10. Fun and Leisure:
      1. Online betting
      2. Digital Channels
      3. Games of Chance
      4. Leisure
      5. Cinema and theatre
      6. Culture/museums
      7. Photography
      8. Games
      9. Restaurants and nightclubs
      10. Videogames and multimedia
    11. Articles for women:
      1. Women´s footwear
      2. Cosmetics and perfumes
      3. Personal care
      4. Jewellery, watches and optics
      5. Fashion and Accessories
    12. Articles for men:
      1. Men´s footwear
      2. Personal care
      3. Men´s fashion
    13. Travelling:
      1. Flight offers
      2. Hotel offers
      3. Trips
      4. Car rental
      5. Rural Tourism
      6. Holidays and weekends
      7. Business trips
    14. Products for children:
      1. Products for babies
      2. Children´s footwear
      3. Toys /Educational games
      4. Children´s and young person’s clothing/ Juvenile
    15. Music/Books
    16. Professional or vocational training
    17. Health and well-being:
      • Health food
      • Ecology and environment
      • Alternative medicine
      • Weight loss / Dieting
      • Health, Healthy living
    18. Sports:
      1. Team sports (Football, Basketball, etc.)
      2. Water sports
      3. Extreme sports and adventure
      4. Sports equipment
      5. Fitness
      6. Tennis, Golf, Skiing y Cycling

    YUMPING has in place two mechanisms through which any users who wish to, can eliminate these services in a free, fast and easy manner.

    For this, the user must enter the menu of access and deactivate the option of sending in the section for electronic communication. In this way, he/she will be able to exclude his or herself by following the instructions that are indicated at the end of the section relating to electronic communication.

    6.7. Security

    YUMPING notifies the users that it has adopted the technical measures, that are organized, regulated and established, that guarantee the security of the personal data and that prevent its alteration, loss, unauthorised access or treatment, taking account of the state of the technology, the nature of the data stored and the risks that it may be exposed to, all of this conforming to the precedent established in the Legal Decree (Real Decreto 1720/2007), 21 December, passed by the regulating body for the development of Organic Law (la Ley Orgánica 15/1999), 13 December, for the protection of personal data and other processes of control for the security of the information systems.

    6.8. Cookies e IPs

    The user accepts the use of cookies and the monitoring of IPs. Our site traffic analyzer uses cookies and IPs monitoring that allow us to pick up data of a statistical nature, for example: the date of the first visit, the number of times a person visits the site, the date of the last visit, the URL and site from which the user is coming, the explorer used and the resolution of the screen. However, if the user wishes he/she can deactivate and/or eliminate these cookies following the instructions given by the internet navigator.

    YUMPING does not use "spamming" technologies, and will only use the data transmitted by the user through the electronic form authorized in the website or through email messages.

    6.9. Right of Access, Rectification and Cancellation of Data

    The user has the right to access this information, to rectify it if the data is erroneous, and to remove his or herself from the YUMPING services. These rights can be exercised through the website´s own configuration of the webpage. In the case of any problems involving the execution of this online, or in the case of any doubt or controversy in the respect of our data privacy policy, users can make direct contact at this address:

    YUMPING ADVENTURE, S.L (en.Yumping.com) Edificio Testa, Avda. Alcalde Barnils 64- 68, Bloque D, 4ª planta 08174- Sant Cugat del Vallès Barcelone
    Alternatively, through email:: info@yumping.com The email should indicate in the subject line the issue to which it refers.

    The treatment of the personal data, and the sending of commercial communication through electronic means, are in accordance with the Organic Law (Ley Orgánica 15/1999), December 13, for the Protection of Personal Data (B.O.E. 14 December 1999 and with the Law 34/2002, of 11 of July), for the services of the Society of Information and of Electronic Trade (B.O.E. 12 July 2002), and is in accordance with their rules of development.

    6.10. Modification of the present Policy of Data Protection

    YUMPING reserves the right to modify the current policy in order to adapt it to any legislative of jurisprudential changes.

    6.11. Applicable legislation

    The current Privacy Policy and the rest of the Legal Conditions of the website are in accordance with each and every one of the points set by Spanish law.