Surfing in Spain

Surfing in Spain

Surfing: Look up for prices, request your estimate and find the best offers through various surfing schools. Find surfing lessons and surf courses to learn or improve your technique with the surfboard.
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All the Surfing companies

Company Puerto De Mazarron (Murcia)
Bahía Surfing
9€ per person
20 Prices
28 reviews
Company Teguise (Lanzarote)
35€ per person
5 Prices
1 Feedback
Company Roquetas De Mar (Almería)
Blue Surfing Center
15€ per person
7 Prices
Company Zarautz (Guipúzcoa)
Moor Surf Eskola
15€ per person
8 Prices
1 Feedback
Company Somo (Cantabria)
Escuela Cantabra de Surfing Quiksilver Roxy
18€ per person
8 Prices
6 reviews
Company Cullera (Valencia)
Club Cullera Garbí
15€ per person
2 Prices
Company Playa De Daimús (Valencia)
WindSports Daimús
10€ per person
7 Prices
Company Llanes (Asturias)
Planeta Palombina
25€ per person
5 Prices
1 Feedback
Company Zarautz (Guipúzcoa)
Axi Muniain Surf Eskola
20€ per person
9 Prices
2 reviews
Company Mojacar (Almería)
Candalix Beach
110€ per person
1 Prices
Company Dénia (Alicante)
Diego de Alzaa
29€ per person
3 Prices
Company Pelayos De La Presa (Madrid)
50€ per person
3 Prices

Tips if you are going to do Surfing in Spain

A lot of people thinks that the surf is an excellent water sport and, without a doubt, has one of the biggest communists all over the world so a lot of people can be wrong when they guarantee that surfing is a lifestyle.
1. Great physical condition

The first and important thing is that you need to enjoy what are you doing. You need to enjoy surfing, feel it and above all, have fun whilst doing what you doing. And as a strong detail, you will also get in shape.

Surfing is one the aerobic sports that generates a great physical condition. Improves your coordination, balance, flexibility and of course, the musculature. Also, you just only need to watch any surfer how appreciates this sport and its figure.
Great physical condition
The most practiced water sports
2. The most practiced water sports

Just for the fun of catching the waves with your board, it may already be one of the water sports most practiced in the world. Also for how liberating and exciting it is when you see the wave coming and you have no choice but to "dance" it as best you can.
3. It produces unique sensations

To find yourself in the sea, surrounded by nothing, only your surfboard and you waiting for the perfect wave to appear is, simply, unique. That’s why we talk about that development of patience that is given with this sport and the special understanding that surfers have among them. Hence, the "surfer community" extends throughout the world.
It produces unique sensations
Free from stress, and up with concentration
4. Free from stress, and up with concentration

To go practice surfing implies to be in direct connection with nature. To enjoy a good day full of surfing, wind and waves play a fundamental role and for it, you need to feel calm and know pieces of knowledge, sometimes no so basic, about sea waves and aerology to be able to catch a wave. Thus, you would not only forget about stress but that you praise the concentration while you wait for the perfect wave to appear.
5. "Eco-surf"

Not because you practice surfing, you become “captain planet”, but is true that you love it so much that you will become a loyal advocate (like should be) of Mother Earth. You know that if you don’t take care of the surroundings you live in, and in this case, the sea where you surf, everything is over. Also, is obvious to say that this sport not contaminates and yes, respects the environment.
When is the best year’s season to go surfing?

As much as advertising and "beautiful people" insist that surfing is a summer sport, the truth is that in our country and thanks to the warm weather we have in most of our coasts, it is best to surf in winter.

Also, during Summer is when the beaches are full of people and not always everything that needs to be enjoyed, is enjoyed.

This doesn’t mean that during Spring and Summer you can’t go surfing, but is true that the best waves are brought by the storms and generally, this starts happening in Autumn. But if you are a great fan of the beach, for you to have day with good wind currents will be enough… and to the sea!

In our country, we enjoy long weekends and holidays that connecting with the weekend it all becomes in the ideal short vacations to escape and go surfing. For example, one long weekend that everyone waits for is the December’s (from the 6th to the 9th), May’s (from the 1st to the 5th) or Easter’s, so the thing you need to do is to clean that surfboard and book classes or surf camps to enjoy waves.