Amusement Parks in Spain

Amusement Parks in Spain

Amusement Parks : Look up for prices, exact location, opening times and get all the information about amusement parks. Rolle Coaster parks and amusement parks are perfect for birthday’s parties, corporate events and incentives, original gifts and activities for children and kids.
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Company Casilla Del Aire (Santa María De Trassie (Córdoba)
Zasca Park
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Company Maspalomas (Gran Canaria)
Holiday World
Company Benalmadena Costa (Málaga)
Tivoli World
Company Arguedas (Navarra)
4 reviews
Company Maspalomas (Gran Canaria)
Sioux City
2 reviews
Company Benidorm (Alicante)
Terra Mítica
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Company Barcelona (City) (Barcelona)
Company Fuengirola (Málaga)
Company Sevilla (City) (Sevilla)
Isla Magica
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Company Málaga (City) (Málaga)
Ruloway Park
Company Palafrugell (Girona)
Coqui Parc
Company Platja D'aro (Girona)
Magic Park

Tips if you are going to do Amusement Parks in Spain

Wanting to get out, spending a day at a theme park can be a good option. It is a great plan for which there is no age and it is just as fun for children as for those who left childhood behind decades ago. They can be dedicated to film studies, to previous civilizations or to exotic cultures ... They all follow the same formula creating fun spaces for all tastes. To this is added a varied offer of restoration and a wide range of live shows, all without leaving the premises!
1. Let your imagination go with a world full of new stimulations:

any visit to an amusement park needs to be marked with a red pen on any calendar to start a impatient countdown. This ends when the expected date has arrived and also the moment to take your backpack and leave quickly through that door. Is something that, unless you work in one of them, you do not do every day, and wake up to the most asleep of your senses. As soon as you arrive you see streets flooded with bright colors, characters with fantasy costumes and music echoing in every corner. As if this were not enough, at the attractions you will eliminate your mental and physical blockages while releasing the well-known adrenaline and the not-so-famous dopamine. You will relax and be more cheerful.
Let your imagination go with a world full of new stimulations
Your self-esteem improves
2. Your self-esteem improves:

There are attractions which you won’t dare to get on because there are too intense for you. In completely normal, but these small fears do not compare with the sensation of to have overcome that challenge that seemed impossible. You will grow your self-esteem to know that you can overcome any challenge, whenever you propose, even if you have some qualms.
3. A place for everyone and each:

From the baby that still goes in the stroll to the one that shows their senior id in the ticket desks, there will be attractions for each and one of them. No matter how you are or who accompany you because these parks offer spaces for everyone: roller coasters with slopes that laugh at the Himalayas, free falls almost like those of bungee jumping and quiet strolls in little trains as if from a story. The only disadvantage is that you will not have an excuse if it has crossed your mind to leave someone at home. In addition, there are always rates for children and seniors so that you will benefit from a reduced price if you go as a family.
A place for everyone and each
The major concentration od shows in so little time
4. The major concentration od shows in so little time:

When you want to relax and pass from the action to be a spectator, fill a seat for the performances and live shows at the park. We advise you to check the schedules so you can plan everything before hand and have time to see at least a couple of them. They are in accordance with the theme of the venue, putting before your eyes representations of the far west, of Chinese shadows or Hawaiian dances. There are so many that if you have the opportunity, decide for a pass of several days and take it easy to not miss the best.
5. You don’t even need to prepare sandwiches:

The bread and aluminum are not more imprescindible in these visits. The themed restaurants and cafés have taken much of the amusement parks so that at any time you can stop for lunch. Get away from the old idea that it's more expensive than buying your food out. You'll find from sandwiches for just over a couple of euros to three-course menus to give you a luxury. Also you will not leave the environment because even the glasses are decorated and you will avoid eating the rubbery bread after a morning getting dizzy in your bag.
You don’t even need to prepare sandwiches
If you are thinking on visiting an amusement park…

Wear that beanie in January and shorts in August but, this are the only tips that we can give you regarding the time of year. Is there a day that is not good to have fun? In addition, the parks change with the seasons and, if you take advantage of special dates, you will find an amazing decoration. On Halloween, they are filled with pumpkins and zombies, at Christmas Christmas carols sound everywhere and in summer you'll want to receive the splashes of water attractions.