Whale Watching in Spain

Whale Watching in Spain

Directory of Whale Watching. Check prices, get budgets and find the best whale and dolphin watching tours from a boat. Dolphin and whale watching cruises are the perfect experience to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, team building and job incentives.
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Servicios Turisticos Tina S.L.
23€ per person
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Náutica Ballestrinque Cantabria
465€ per person
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Náutica Ballestrinque
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Company Adeje (Tenerife)
Sea Quest FF
25€ per person
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Company Sant Antoni De Portmany (Ibiza)
Balea Sailing
Company Urbanización Puerto Rico (Gran Canaria)
Spirit of the Sea
20€ per person
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Company Tarifa (Cádiz)
5€ per person
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Company Tazacorte (La Palma)
Fancy II
20€ per person
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Company Benalmadena Costa (Málaga)
Fun Sail
10€ per person
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Company Playa De Las Americas (Tenerife)
Bonadea II Catamarán
25€ per person
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Company Pajara (Fuerteventura)
75€ per person
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2 reviews
Company Vigo (Pontevedra)
580€ per person
1 Prices

Tips if you are going to do Whale Watching in Spain

Who has not wanted to have a dolphin as a pet after seeing Flipper? Or that the whales will not always remember Pinocchio? Or that we are going to fight always for the protection of the killer whales thanks to the movie Free Willy?

Many of these reasons are those that lead thousands of people to make excursions with sightings of cetaceans in the coasts of our country and enjoy these nice and strange marine mammals.
1. Surprising species

The cetaceans present an evolution between mammals and fish that make them unique.

Seeing them by chance is very complicated, so many people choose to hire an outlet on some type of boat to be somewhat closer to these animals and enjoy how they behave in their natural habitat and the nice ones that result with humans.
Surprising species
A journey for the whole family
2. A journey for the whole family

It may be one of the best alternatives that exist to spend a day accompanied by the whole family, and if there are small children, better than better.

They will enjoy as crazy to witness this spectacle that nature gives, discovering these curious animals that surely did not know that there were many species beyond the dolphins.
3. Unrepeatable connection between a human and animal

This type of excursions does not guarantee that the cetaceans will be very close to you, after all, they are free animals, but the most daring ones do get close enough to the boat, producing a unique moment between you and him.

They do not stop being beings that are not usually seen, therefore, when one of them approaches enough (maximum by law 100m) to establish a vision between man and animal, the moment becomes something, probably, unrepeatable.
Unrepeatable connection between a human and animal
Learn whilst having fun
4. Learn whilst having fun

The journeys with sighting of cetaceans not only consist on a boat trip until a whale appears. Many of these are accompanied by an expert in marine biology who explains curiosities about the species you see, the ecosystem in which they live and the importance of respect for them: nothing of bothering.

You know more about them while you are watching them, so you are receiving a master class about these friends and in a privileged environment.
5. More conscience about the environment

If you you stay with something from this experience, is the assurance that caring for the environment, and in this case the sea, is vital for everyone.

By knowing more in depth how cetaceans live and how badly they are affected by the bad behavior of man, the feeling of guilt and knowing that respect for nature is everything, creates an awareness forever of the care we must offer our planet.
More conscience about the environment
When to carry out a trip to watch cetaceans?

Because this is an activity that depends of the migration of the animals, there’s no concrete season in which you watch their presence in a specific coordinate in the sea.

Although, for some it can be nicer a boat trip during Summer months, don’t give up and miss a unique scene in any time of the year, as long as the climate allows it and there is an inappropriate weather forecast.