Hang Gliding in Spain

Hang Gliding in Spain

Hang Gliding: Look up for prices, request your estimate and find the best offers in hang gliding clubs. Hang gliding lessons and hang gliding experiencies are a perfect activity for birthday’s parties, corporate entertainment, team building, social events, weddings and original gifts.
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130€ per person
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Sky Gliding Xtrem
50€ per person
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Company Ager (Lleida)
100€ per person
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Company Alcala Del Jucar (Albacete)
169€ per person
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Company Teguise (Lanzarote)
Lanzarote Tandemflights
179€ per person
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Company Tahiche (Lanzarote)
Lanzarote Hang Gliding Flights
150€ per person
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Company Cabañas De La Sagra (Toledo)
Escuela de Ala Delta Hombres Pájaro Toledo
75€ per person
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Company Monreal (Navarra)
138€ per person
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Company Ager (Lleida)
Albatros Ala delta
Company San Martin De La Vega (Madrid)
Ozono Fly
Company Badajoz (City) (Badajoz)
Company Valencia De Alcantara (Cáceres)

Tips if you are going to do Hang Gliding in Spain

The desire to fly has invaded the human being, like, for forever and hang-gliding is one of the purest ways to achieve it. To fly over the landscapes that you usually only see on foot gives you a perspective that has no comparison. It is an exclusive experience that you have to seize of as soon as you have the chance because the points in the peninsula where you can fly with this medium can be counted with the fingers.
1. Liberty and adrenaline without frights

Although it seems obvious to talk about the discharge of emotions that you will experience in the heights, we can not deny that with the hang-gliding, the increase of adrenaline is assured. You will go through a curious combination of sensations. On one hand, you will progressively adapt to being suspended in the air since the maneuver of takeoff is smooth and, on the other hand, being tens of meters from the ground will flood your senses and put your nerves to the limit. If you want to break with the usual, you have to try it.
Liberty and adrenaline without frights
You don’t need to study it
2. You don’t need to study it

You should know that, you are ready for your first flight. You do not need to know anything in particular because you will be with a tandem instructor. The pilot has more than enough experience to take charge of everything, so there is no minimum age to fly. The only requirements that are contemplated are related to security. It is requested that the passenger does not weigh more than 100 kilos so that the structure of the hang glider does not suffer excessively to avoid a dangerous situation.
3. There are courses for you to fly alone

If you know little about hang-gliding and you are one of those who want to carry their own wings, the schools will train you as a pilot. You will need more time and spend more dedication to the theoretical phases before moving to the practices since it is your integrity that you put into play. With this clear, you will not have problems and with an intensive program you can make your first takeoffs in around 10 days.
There are courses for you to fly alone
Get lost among nature
4. Get lost among nature

With the hang glider, you move using the thermal currents so you fly only with the help of the elements of the environment. The wind drives you to naturally support yourself by knowing how to use the atmosphere in your favor. That is why this air transport has the reputation of being the most similar way to move as one of the birds that you will surely find during a flight. There are also alternatives with engines that are interesting if you want the duration of the adventure does not depend on the conditions of the day.
5. Keep the memory forever

Nowadays, because the audiovisual technology has joined the hang glider to record your air route with high definition cameras. The company you fly with will often give you the video at the moment, stored on a memory card so you can take it directly to your home.
Keep the memory forever
When it is advisable to go hang-gliding

Is possible to arrange a flight during the whole year, looking only at the skies to check if it rains or snows, to stay attentive to the wind currents. Takeoff is possible even if it the wind does not blow and the experts consider the most pleasant route is if it does it below 45 km per hour. Of course, in addition to bring a jacket in winter, you have to assess that at a certain height the temperature is lower. That's why even in summer a jacket or something warm will suit you to ensure a more comfortable trip without being cold.